Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ear progress and other fun stuff

Little by little I am starting to see some progress with the ears up business. This morning I switched to a verbal bridge to keep the ears up for a longer period of time. I'm now requiring her to keep them up while changing from a stand to a sit and then back to a stand. Considering how much effort that is appearing to take on her part, I'm going to hold at this level for a couple of days.

One of the things on my list of to do's is getting the ears up position tied to a camera. That way when she sees a camera pointing in her direction she will immediately put those ears all the way up. In thinking back I seem to remember we spent one entire summer teaching Charity to put her ears up and always "pose" whenever she saw a camera pointed in her direction. Don't have a clue as to why I forgot that part, but I sure did.

If Sanity is steady enough with the positions and ears I'm going to try adding the camera to the mix on Friday. So now I have a specific goal to reach.

Normally Sanity and I go out on Tuesdays just so I can do that nail thing I insist is necessary for me to maintain some sort of mental health. However, the normal schedule of events was switched around a bit and this week we went on that jaunt today.

This is what things look like at the nail shop:

"Hi! Good to see you. With the Fourth of July almost on us, I think I'd like to go red this week."
"That's the red I had in mind."
"Fine, I'll just need you to put your paw right here."
"Keep it to color only, no grinding. That part got taken care of at home. You know I don't like to sit in this chair overly long."

And this is what the finished product looks like for this week. Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!!!!!


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  2. I love the photos Margot! They had me laughing out loud. Have a great 4th.
    Danielle Holley
    Boise, ID