Saturday, July 23, 2005


She arrived July 22 at about 10:30 in the morning. This 12-week old ball of energy hit the pavement running. Flying into BWI from Chicago, by the time she reached her new home she had already been on the go for more than 6 hours. Plunked down to do the meet and greet thing, she gamely stood her ground while being checked over by no less than 12 adult dogs and several pups. Within less than 5 minutes the greeting phase was over and she was off an running with the two pups closest to her age.

For the rest of the day she stayed pretty much in constant motion, checking out all parts of the almost one acre yard, following first one dog and then another on one doggie mission after another. She didn't do more than pause briefly when the first loud train rumbled past, an ambulance from the rescue squad on the corner only got a glance and the backfire of a truck on the highway wasn't even worth a glance. What she was doing in that yard might be called "play" by some, but I saw a very serious pup going about the business of learning just what the lay of the land was and just what the laws of this new land would be. Some things got her yelled at by an older dog, some things seemed to get put on the "check out later" list.

As the day wore on she did begin to slow down a tad bit and by the time the daycare dogs were taking their leave, she had actually decided to notice that there were people in the yard and said people were watching her most intentely. So from yard to other dogs to people her interests traveled.

So secure in herself she never missed a meal, knew to asked to go out to potty, learned from the other dogs where the best drinking water was and where the best digging spot was and by bedtime was so tired she was pretty much stumbling over her own very large feet. What is she?

She is a very well-bred Doberman puppy and her official name is Casarhy's Where is my Sanity. This blog is hopefully to be all about her first year of training.

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