Sunday, July 24, 2005

Day 3

Instead of a quiet, lazy day we hosted a MAD Gather to welcome Sanity to her new home and career and to welcome Cathie to Maryland. The number of people and dogs swelled and Sanity had a chance to let me glimpse what sort of a yard boss she may become with time and training.

If you look closely you can just see the top of her head on the other side of the Pointer. She is definitely holding her own during this exchange and still managing to be a polite puppy.

A bit later in the day she gave up her bossy ways in favor of a good tussle with her sister over ownership of a stolen sock.
This sock became a highly prized item for some time and for those of you who wonder what professional dog trainers do on their day off. The answer is easy as Linda shows in this picture. We seem compelled to train puppies. By the end of the Gather Sanity was actually starting to run out of steam. Not being one to give up any advantage she chose to take a quick nap and protect her conquest at the same time.

Finally, by day's end the batteries were beginning to run down and need recharging. In fact, by this point she was so tired she didn't even wake up when everyone took their leave. As we were finishing the clean-up, she finally woke up and sort of staggered off to the house to go bed. A solid 3 hour nap was needed to recharge those batteries enough to allow time to eat and play a little before bedtime. Want a good puppy? Have a tired puppy.

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