Friday, March 09, 2007

Girl Scout Cookie Time

It's Girl Scout Cookie time and the awful Thin Mint version is still available. How's a person supposed to say "no" to them. I was strong and only agreed to buy a single box.

Sanity managed to get a whiff and then a taste. She agrees they are just too, too sinful.

Come on Sidney, please give me just one more. I won't tell on you...

Donning Sidney's vest Sanity tries to con the Big Boss into believing she is no longer a dog and should be given access to more and more Thin Mints. By positioning herself next to Caesar her hope was that the "clothes would make the person". Sadly, it was not to be. The Big Boss has been around too long to be fooled by such transparent ploys.

I do think we should all give her an "A+" for all her efforts. Don't you?


  1. Linda Kaim7:11 AM

    I personally think Sanity has good taste in cookies however my dogs prefer the caramel ones with the chocolate icing and a few others. They cheer Sanity's efforts though, in fact her actions have encouraged Franklin-Stein and Butter to call the Pizza parlor down the road for their famous bread sticks.

  2. Sanity and I would be fighting over the thin mints! Does she like them straight out of the box or do you put them in the freezer to chill them down? BTW...who is the little fella climbing into the dog bed?

  3. Ceasar is an oversized Italian Greyhound who comes here for day care and sometimes to board. He didn't like the Thin Mints, which is just as well since Sanity, Sidney and I all were sort of fighting over the one and only box I was willing to buy.

  4. Sydney10:58 AM

    Hey i hope you liked the cookies cause there coming back