Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I have become almost obsessed with trying to find the right angle and light to get some pictures of my little gardens in all their current glory. The yellow iris will only be in bloom for a few more days and I think I managed to finally get a good picture of them at their peak. This fall I plan on getting Alison to help me dig and thin them out. What I am hoping to be able to do is to trade some of my yellows for someone eles' purples or even some whites. I think the same number, but mixed colors will be even prettier. How about you? What do you think about mixing the colors for next year?

My son gave me this Foo Doy almost 30 years ago. He is supposed to watch over us and keep us safe. Overall, I'd say he has done a pretty good job.

This side of the garden, side with the bathtub goldfish pond is where I continue to struggle to build a butterfly/hummingbird garden. Each year since I started this project I have been graced with a few more butterflys and a few more hummingbirds. I'm really hoping that this will be the year I get to snap some nice pictures of both butterflys and hummers.

Today was a slow, quiet day. It was beautiful, warm and sunny. I am finding myself feeling more rested than I have in months. The healing power of the sun, soft breeze, beautiful flowers and a smaller than usual congenial pack made my day one of the best. Even the dogs found themselves mostly laying around snoozing in the sun.

All day I have managed to not think about all the people on the other side of my tall fences who would steal from all of us the joy that comes when such a day as this one can be shared with a few animals who understand the pleasures and mirror them back to us. May the ARvipers fail and fail totally before all our domestic animals are sucked away from us.


  1. Anonymous10:33 PM

    what a lovely garden.

    Lakewood flowers

  2. Your garden is great. and the pic's of the dog are wonderful. I have white and purple iris's left to me by my father, I will be glad to share both colors for some of your yellow. My white come in full bloom and are gone and then the purple make there show. I am on the Gulfcoast, and will ship to you if you would like.

  3. Jesse3:57 AM


    Did you have to say how long ago that was?