Friday, August 22, 2008

Teaching a straight front

The dog in this video clip has a nice recall.She comes willingly and reliability every time she is called.This response carries over to her retrieves and her returns when jumping.What we wanted to do was to see if we could "clean up" the tiny, rather fussy things that happened when she reached her owner.

It just seemed to me that there were two different problems that actually appeared to be more than two problems.One problem was an owner problem and the other
was a dog problem.

The owner wasn't standing straight and while that may not make much difference
when the dog knows exactly where to focus, it is a problem when the dog lacks a focal point.

Of course, the second part was the dog.That lack of a focal point meant her sits
tended to shift back and forth between being lined up with the owner's left leg
and being lined up with the owner's right leg.Then there was, what I had taken to calling the fidget.She would come in and sit and then shift first one way and then another. Many times that shifting took her from a off center sit to a perfect sit,out of the perfect sit and into a crooked sit.

I am only showing three passes in the interest of time, but the difference
between when we started and how she is now doing is very pleasing.

As I'm sure you noticed we are using a favorite toy as a tension releaser and a reward. In this case, a Grinch is just the ticket.


  1. Hey doesn't look like the video loaded right. It shows the picture, but then says "video is no longer available", which happens sometimes when the video hasn't fully been processed, but you did this two days ago according to the date of the blog.


  2. The only tricky part is finding the control panel at the front of the theatre which allows you to switch on the projector. If the theatre is new to you, visit it in advance to make sure you can find these controls or so that you have enough time to find out from AV staff or colleagues. There is usually a switch marked "Projector On" which should be pressed first. Then you can select the "source". There are switches usually marked as "computer", "video/VHS". All theatres now have a combined DVD/VHS player. This is a single box usually at the front of the theatre or in the lectern. You can operate this by pressing the controls on the machine itself and should have no need for a remote control.

  3. Steve Kuhn9:44 AM

    Love the video clips, Margot. Keep 'em coming.