Thursday, October 23, 2008

Student and longe line

This clip of one of my students doing first day longe line work with her dog is just to fine to not share. This is her second dog, so she is not a new comer to longe line work. What we are watching was taken toward the end of the lesson and the dog is really showing some nice focus. The only part I am unhappy with is that while you can hear me ask her why she did the about turn when she did, unfortunately you can't hear her response. Suffice to say, that she gave the correct answer to my question of why?

I don't think there is any way I can explain why it is so very important to do longe line work as the precursor to any and all training. One of the most important things it does is to give the dog a chance to "buy into" the idea of learning. The other thing of importance it does is to give both human and dog a chance to learn each other's rhythm in a non-confrontational manner. When the longe line work follows time spent doing the "sit on the dog" exercise both students have taken the time to find their center and are ready to focus on learning. What a great combo and a solid foundation for all that follows.


  1. Did you ask her why she was coming back, because she did not pause at her destination first???

    And is the traveling school still traveling? Is there a place that you post where the seminars are:)

  2. What I have gone back to doing is hosting smaller ones right here. This is what I have scheduled so far:
    Nov 5-6-7, 2008
    Dec 3-4-5, 2008
    Jan 14-15-16, 2009

    The cost is $750 per person and the course is set up to do from 1 to 4 students at a time. If you are interested, I'll be happy to send you a sample syllabus. There is a $50 non-refundable deposit required with the balance due 5 days before the start of the session. I actually have a motel that is, in theory, within walking distance of my place. Hope this is something that is doable for you. Besides all the lecture/work/question stuff you receive a copy of my DVD, a print copy and a digital copy of the BT training manual, and a video copy of you working a dog.