Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are you next?

In my inbox this morning was an email asking me for any help I could muster for a Doberman owner in APACHE JUNCTION, ARIZONA. This is a story of an OWNER and a very small time breeder who appears to have done everything right, but for one thing. That one thing being her failure to put up a privacy fence so people couldn't see into her back yard.

This is a link to another blog site. A site owned by someone who knows the person in question. Knows and is vouching for her. See I'm not going to just post any and everything I'm sent. I actually attempt to do a little due diligence and make sure the story can be verified before sending it on. This one is true, true in all its horrible ramifications. It should also serve as a warning to every single one of you who owns even so much as one dog.


After you read what is happening, you also need to know that this owner/breeder is not the first one to have this happen. Because of the way the last election went every single animal owner, bet it pet or farm, is now in serious danger of losing all they hold dear to them and maybe even more.

I realize that many people like nothing better than to call me Chicken Little. Well, guess what? You can call me anything or nothing, just so long as you wake up to what is going on and get a backbone. Stand up and be counted. Don't let this sort of thing happen in your town or county. However, if you were asleep and not bothering to protect your freedoms, then the very least you can do is start to fight NOW. Find someone who is planning on running for office in the next election, make sure then know H$H$ for the evil it is. Make sure they understand the difference between animal welfare vs. animal right or as they are now calling themselves animal protectionists. Please don't continue to sit on your hands until it is too late and there are no more animals.

If writing, calling or email are your thing, here are the addresses to APACHE JUNCTION, ARIZONA CITY OFFICIALS:

John Insalaco
Phone: (480) 982-8002 Fax: (480) 982-7018

Chief of Police
Jerald Monahan
Phone: (480) 982-8260 Fax: (480) 474-5489 EMAIL: jmonahan@ajcity.net

Community Relations Manager,
Mr. Pat Brenner
Phone: (480) 474-5080 Fax: (480) 474-5110 EMAIL: pbrenner@ajcity.net

City Manager,
Mr. George Hoffman
EMAIL: citymanager@ajcity.net

County Manager
Mr. Terry Doolittle
EMAIL: terry.doolittle@pinalcounty.gov.

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  1. Everyone should be outraged at this incident.
    Wake up, America...this isn't an isolated incident..YOU could be next.
    Voice your outrage...stand up for what is right.