Sunday, January 04, 2009

Distant Rumblings

I just came across this blog and felt it was important to share it here. Read carefully, there is much to think about and share with your 50.

Did I ever explain just what "share with your 50" is all about? It's about fighting the HSUS/PETA juggnaut in all its massive, collective nastiness. Not a single one of us has either the money nor the strength to win even a single scrimish with the people haters. However, grassroots movements are very, very powerful. They just need 50 people to tell 50 more people who in turn tell 50 more. Tell what?

Tell the unvarnished, naked truth about HSUS/PETA. Tell how they are never about being kind to animals. They are never about saving animals or people. They are about money. They are about power. And they are about lots and lots of people and animals dying if it will help them gain more power.

Have you seen the latest copy of TV Guide? There is a full page ad that puts pet stores, large volume breeders and hobby breeders all in one very black pot. If they aren't stopped via the drying up of all their funding the next full page ad will be one telling everyone just how evil all pet owners are. So go tell your 50...friends don't let friends give to HSUS or PETA.

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