Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Go! Petland

If someone had told me 50 years ago that I would be loudly cheering for a pet store chain I would have had to ask them what they were talking about. Who knew from chain pet stores then?

If someone had told me 40 years ago that I would call a chain pet store the good guy, I suspect I would have told them they were crazy.

If someone had told me 30 years ago that I would call for everyone to support a chain pet store I would have run them off my property.

But 20 years ago I was starting to wondering about the koolaide being offered up by PETA and HSUS and wondering if the pet stores that sold puppies and kittens were really all that bad.

Just 10 years ago I sat up and realized that the majority of puppies coming to me from training and doing well were coming from the local puppy store. At the same time I noticed that the older dogs coming to me with problems seemed to have all been "adopted" rather than purchased. That is information I am still mulling over. Meanwhile, comes a chain pet store who has what it takes to stand up and fight for their rights, yours rights and my rights. I say, "You go, guys!"

Below is the latest open letter from them to the AR Stormtroopers.

An Open Letter to The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
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January 19, 2009

Dear Humane Society of the United States,

Petland is continuing its stand against substandard breeders. As such, Petland has repeatedly, over the last two months, asked the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to provide information that will lead to the relief of numerous distressed animals allegedly identified by your organization in your supposed report.

If there was an 8month investigation and the last two months of unfulfilled requests for information are included, then this is a period spanning 10 months where animals were suffering and HSUS did nothing. The HSUS has not provided this specific information to Petland or to the USDA.

If information exists, for the welfare of the supposedly identified animals, please supply that information immediately to the proper authorities and to Petland so we may provide assistance. Only with this specific information may assistance be rendered to the animals.

We strongly contend that the HSUS has not reported its supposed findings to the proper authorities because HSUS has no substantive information to provide to the authorities. One cannot report baseless slander as evidence to a federal agency.
Facts are stubborn things. The continuous emotional spin and sensationalized slander by your organization cannot alter stubborn facts.

These are the facts:

Fact: The HSUS has not supplied Petland with any material, other than USDA reports which were already public record. The few USDA reports provided by you are dated and many regard breeders that are on Petland’s “Do Not Buy” list.

Fact: Videos used by HSUS in the slanderous attack upon our good name show dogs in cages that have no connection to Petland, (as verified personally by Stephanie Shain during a phone conversation with Petland Vice President Joe Watson on Dec. 9, 2008), however, the title above the video of the distressed animals falsely says, “Petland Investigation.”

Fact: Videos of breeders on the HSUS Web site, referenced by you as “evidence,” are on Petland’s “DO NOT BUY” list, which means we have identified them as substandard breeders and are not doing business with them.

Fact: Petland has taken a stand against substandard breeders by forcing the closure of substandard breeding facilities and, as a result, have raised the bar for the entire pet industry.

Fact: Through Petland’s “Pets For a Lifetime,” “Adopt-A-Pet,” early Spay/Neuter programs and our Humane Care Guidelines, Petland has a proven history of taking action and improving the lives of pets for more than 41 years.

Fact: Petland has agreed to meet with HSUS once we have received the information we have justly requested.

Fact: The summary of the HSUS “investigation” shows your organization listed Petland stores in states that do not operate stores.

Once we have received the information we originally requested 57 days ago, we will review it as a basis for a substantive discussion.

We genuinely want a solution that is best for the animals.

As Petland is committed to taking a stand against substandard breeders, we welcome all partners in this noble undertaking and urge that the requested information is sent immediately.

The Petland Family

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  1. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I have been writing a book about the AR movement. When out of Germany came documents about the AR movements founder. HE was jailed in 1944 in Germany. In the mans pocket a document was found, it gave in detail plans to come to the United States to overthrow the government, to steal land and to set the animals free. Thats what they are doing at this very minute.