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Oregonians In Action for all of us

Yes, yes, I know. I promised the second part of the "Millie/Lass" story, but this is more important and actually is a part of the "Millie/Lass" story in a sense. Please note that permission has been granted to cross post the article. Never, ever make the mistake of thinking this has nothing to do with you and your dogs or cats, because it really does.

Permission to cross post this.

It is very interesting. Cheryl also explained to me that these AR groups are now also sending "puppy buyers" into these areas where laws are passed. You think it's a good home for the puppy and when they get there they demand your puppies. If you don't turn them over, they report you and let the authorities come in and take the puppies and your dogs and fine you!

This is insanity!

I'm mounting a campaign here in Oregon to file a class action lawsuit against the State for these laws as they take away both our Fourth and Fifth Amendments Rights. I found a non-profit group, Oregonians In Action, who fight for individual owners' rights, particularly in land use.

I'm also getting one together in our county (Columbia) because of all the new
changes plus their Land Use head, Todd Dugdale, told me I have to get down below
10 dogs by Jan 1, file for a $960 Type II Home Occupation permit, and pay $30
per dog per year in order to be able to keep over 3 dogs now. And I live in
unincorporated county.

I asked what if I had more than 3 dogs, he said they could all be confiscated, and if I did the rest (Type II etc) anything over 9 needs to be put to sleep. Plus I would be fined $500 per day plus have to pay for all the confiscated dogs' care at unreasonable fees if this happened. And my kennel wouldn't pass their new rules anyway as it now requires 5 acres minimum with a heated & airconditioned building at least 100 feet from my house and would have to have a separate kitchen/bathing facility in it, with concrete floors with a center drain with a separate septic system.

This is for over 9 dogs and for a commercial kennel. There is no place for private breeders under these draconian laws. Mind you, I've been continually and duly licensed and inspected as a hobby kennel here at my current address for 20 years now. But there is no grandfathering allowed now.

They have eliminated the hobby license and only allow commercial kennels, yet HB 2470 virtually eliminates those. Worse yet, Rep. Brad Witt has solely authored the latest travesty, HB 2986, which outlaws all line and inbreeding, subjecting breeders to MORE unwarranted search and seizure permissions, along with recordkeeping requirements that make the AKC look like grade school.

It hefts huge fines if not in compliance, and can end up with confiscation of dogs and jail time. Fun, huh? Also note that it is already on the books that if you refuse to allow any unwarranted search by an animal control officer, you can be arrested/jailed for up to 7 days for that --plus have all animals removed and immediately sold.

Hey, when did we move to Nazi Germany? So....if anyone is interested in joining our group -- first we will petition, then we will sue if no response -- I'm mounting a class action campaign against the violation and removal of our Rights. It also includes
people with small hobby businesses as there is no county business license. You
now can't do garage sales more than once per annual quarter, and you can't sell
your chicken eggs or anything else out of your house, even with commercial
zoning. Contact me if you want to join up. Staying under the radar isn't working
anymore. We need to be activists to protect our interests.

The Governor's phone number and email address, btw, is 503-378-4582, fax is 503-378-3827 and you have to go to the website to send an email. That's at

The more he hears from people who oppose it, the less likely he is to sign it. We need him to be inundated with no's.

Cheryl Anderson
Cherden since
AKC Judge #4183

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