Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Taming of the Beast (Part 3)

Since Wednesday morning is when all the advanced work is tested, checked and then moved forward, it seemed to be a good time to check Brandy and see just where she is in her training thus far.

With that in mind, Sam acted as her handler and we ran Brandy through a complete Novice run-thru minus the group stays.

Yes, there really are two additional dogs in the ring. Remember, Brandy has had a very poor track record where dogs that are smaller are concerned. So with that problem in mind we never pass up an chance to give Brandy the freedom to practice her "Just say no" skills. This then led to the two small dogs being the figure 8 posts for the figure 8 exercise.

If you watch closely you will note that Brandy is never actually fully off lead. What we are doing is to go to progressively lighter and lighter lines to give the feel of being free while still allowing us to make a correction if she were to be unable to say "no" on her own. Since she did so well with this tomorrow we will be able to increase the level of responsibility even more.

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