Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Blizzard aftermath 2010

Here's what it looked like just after it stopped snowing.

Here's what it looks like today. What you are seeing are all the dogs here right now. Ellie and Bliss (here for training) are bold enough to at least run out to the big tree and back several times. Meanwhile, in the lower left hand corner is all you will ever see of Sanity. The entire business is just as terrible to her as it is to me. She won't even try to leave the tiny shoveled area.

My once beautiful pine tree is now pretty much a party toothpick. All the limbs are in the driveway and parking area.

This shot shows just how tenuous our connection with the outside world really is. Notice the one thin strand of wire that is all the connection we currently have. One more even mild blow and poof, no more Internet, no more telephone.

My poor cane was crying in fear. Fear of my leaving it behind as I struggled back into the house. It got stuck there while I took the pictures.

Meanwhile, my son just walked to announce they are calling for 20, yes that is twenty additional inches. Most of the counties are all but done in and lacking salt, sand, trucks, manpower will be giving up sometime very soon. Have I remembered to tell all of you just how much I HATE SNOW. I HATE IT... I HATE IT.
Pray we don't lose our power because our power line is just a hanging by a thread on the other side of the house.
Will we be able to get out before April? And most of all, just where in the hell is global warming when you need it the most?


  1. That tree really does look horrible now! But NOW, when I work dogs in the front yard those darrn branches wont hit me in the head!! LOL

    The cane picture looks really cool too.

  2. AND I WASN'T THERE TO PLAY IN IT?!?! Ugh its always when I leave -_- also who is the pup in the pic?

  3. Anonymous8:09 PM

    You do know "Global Warming" does not mean the world will get warmer. It is about climate change and that the storms will get more severe.