Sunday, December 19, 2010

Update Jean Cyhanick pledge

Below is the update from Walt Hutchens on where and how to send in your pledge dollars.  I've managed to scrape together $50.  I think there are 40 people who have signed up to read this blog on a regular basis.  Just think, if each of you only sent $10 that would mean an additional $400 to the fund.

And just think, if each of you matched me and sent $50 it would mean $2,000 added to the fund.  People, we must help Jean.  We must help Jean because the thought of her losing this case is just unthinkable.  Were she to lose due to lack of funds is even more unthinkable.  This case will directly effect each and every single one of us.  Not just breeders, be they volume or hobby, not just owners, but trainers, dog food manufacturers, vets, and every single person who has or will at some time in the future have a dog to help them, comfort them, be their unquestioning friend, the life that meets you at the start of every day with joy and makes you feel wanted when you come home in the evening.   Please make a donation to protect yourself from losing your dog to government theft, be it the dog you now own or one in the future.

Hi ...:

 WE HAVE ENOUGH PLEDGED TO PAY THE ATTORNEY FEE FOR JEAN'S APPEAL. Now we just have to get the money to the lawyer. Until it gets there, nothing will happen and there is a real deadline coming soon.

We will be able to pay the fee of $35,000 in time to make the deadline only by using part of a loan from a generous pet-law member. WE WILL HAVE TO PAY THAT LOAN BACK. There's also a good chance that a few people who pledged, will drop out. Some of you thought you'd be able to beat your pledge amount when you actually donated and IF YOU CAN SEND EXTRA, THAT WILL BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.


 We HAVE NOT been able to arrange for PayPal. There are two ways to pay:


 A. 'Pay to' Black, Noland, and Read, P.L.C.

 B. Write the number '20100406.003' in the 'memo' area on your check.

 C. If your address isn't printed on your check, write it there.

 D. Put your return address in the usual place on the outside of the envelope.

E. Write 'WMK' in the lower left corner of the front of the envelope.

F. Mail to:
Black, Noland, and Read, P.L.C.
PO Box 1206
 Staunton, VA 24402

 OR -- if you prefer:


 A. Call between 8:30-12 OR 1-5 ET, any weekday.

 B. Have your card handy as they will take full information.

 C. Call BNR at: 1-540-885-0888

 D. Ask to speak with Whitney. If she's unavailable, the receptionist will

 know how to take your information.

 (Whitney is ALWAYS there, but ... just in case!)

 E. Say "I want to donate for the Jean Cyhanick appeal."

 F. Give credit card info as requested, ending with the amount you're donating.

 G. You will be asked for your mailing address as there is a notice that the lawyer has to send you.

The office will be closed Thursday-Friday, December 23-24, so 'sooner is better than later.'

While there can never be any guarantees for what happens in a courtroom, THIS IS A WINNABLE CASE. YOU are going to make it possible for Jean to try.

 We have a fine law firm and Tate C. Love is a fine lawyer: They're strongly committed to winning this appeal. It gets no better than that. THANK YOU.

And I know that Jean also thanks you from the bottom of her heart.

I will keep you informed as things progress, however progress in appeals cases is typically measured in months.

Walt Hutchens

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