Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bedrock Training Method Schools

Bedrock Essentials Three-Day Training School Featuring the Bedrock Training Method with Margot Woods

The Bedrock Training Method by Margot Woods is based on the belief that all dogs – family pets, obedience champions, search-and-rescue teams, assistance and therapy dogs, and every other canine – can benefit from comprehensive basic training. Bedrock Training, or the BT Method, is a fundamental approach to dog training that, in six weeks, can lay a solid foundation in obedience and responsibility that lasts and grows for the lifetime of your dog. Join us for an intensive three-day program that will change, improve and perfect the way you work with your dog.

What: Margot Woods' "Bedrock Essentials" three day training school
When: February 16, 17 and 18, 2007
Where: Douro Community Centre, Douro, Ontario (near Peterborough)

Who should attend: The Bedrock Training Method is a comprehensive program designed to build a firm base of obedience training for all dogs. The course will benefit dog trainers, obedience competitors, groomers, kennel owners or other canine professionals. Also open to dog owners who are serious about building a lifelong relationship with their dogs based on trust, responsibility, and a firm understanding of canine psychology.

What you'll learn:

· Controlling the most difficult dog in 15 minutes or less · How to see your dog for the first time · Training the Perfect Dog · The truth about how dogs learn · The proper use of praise · Teaching your dog responsibility · Earning a voluntary heel through the foundation of longe line work · Instructions, Corrections and Punishments · Building trust and protecting your dog from legislative hassles · Harnessing your God-given talents to become a better trainer · The Tao of Koehler · The proper order for introducing fundamental commands · The command with 101 uses · Teaching a formal recall · Uses for every tool in the tool box · Training Problems and Challenges · Plus more!

Cost: $375 Cdn plus GST for three days of training, including refreshments


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