Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today in spite of the grey, overcast sky, the threat of rain and the temperature that never even made it to 60 degrees we still managed to have a good time. It is always great to connect with old friends and get to put names we know in print together with faces.

Today was no exception in that department. Candy Ware flew in to visit with Linda Kaim and, of course, we simply HAD to have a Gather in her honor. Here are a few pictures of the afternoon. As I'm sure you will notice, this Gather was no different in one respect from all previous MADt Gathers held at The Little Green House. The dogs far outnumbered the humans and most of the time they floated around just hoping someone would drop something or a hand would hover within head touching distance.

In studying the pictures closely, I just realized that of the three Border Collies present, only June shows up in a single picture and you have to look very closely in order to find her. It just seemed to me that every single time I brought my camera up to take a picture the Border Collies would melt away. Wonder if they were worried about the camera stealing their soul?

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