Monday, April 28, 2008

A Tribute

Pam Green has left the building.

This morning when I opened my email there was a message telling me we have lost Pam Green. Even thought I knew it was going to happen, knew the cancer would eventually win, still there was a part of me that kept on cheering for Pam and the mighty battle she raged against an awful foe.

I consider myself lucky to have known Pam and gotten to work with her on three different occasions when we joined forces and taught seminars based on the Koehler Method of Dog Training. It sure is hard to realize she is gone. Gone are her great jokes. Gone are her truly funny little pranks. Gone is her wonderful sense of humor. Gone her good hand with a dog. Gone. Gone. Gone. The world is a sadder, greyer place for this lost to the entire dog training world. Pam, I sure hope there is a class just waiting for you to start teaching where ever you may be.

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