Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sometimes you just have to stop and play

For the past week I really have been a most uninteresting sort of owner. Sleeping just about round the clock, grumpy and whinny when awake. Now that is not a pretty combonation, is it? So this afternoon when Sanity started bugging me about the fact that she was bored, bored, bored I figured she deserved some time.

First we spent a bit working on the old fashioned doodles. Meaning I called out the commands in a very random order, come, back, stand, down, sit, down, stand, come, back, back, down, stand, etc. Then we both got tired of that at about the same time and so this is what we did next.

I confess, she never did manage to master the stand, flip, catch bit. All that means is we still have something to play with on another day.


  1. That is a great video..... Her expression is of total wonderment........ where did it go, I just had it and poof. gone! Her sister can do a toss catch from the sit and if tossed to her from the front, but I also tried standing with on the nose, and nope, she can't do it either! Must be in the genes. LOL

  2. Is there a way to teach the flip, or is this something they just figure out themselves? I'll have to see if Cap's book mentions something about this.

    I have gotten to the point where I can decorate my dogs with food items and have them balance those, but some dogs seem to have the flip and some dogs don't.

    I've been having a bored Leon myself, and we did some play retrieve today. I am doing a working retrieve with Jack and trying to document the differences I see in the dog's ability. Eventually we will get to a working retrieve with Leon, but I was interested to see the results of doing two methods at the same time with two different dogs.

  3. Just ran across this video recently, it's GREAT! Sanity clearly expected that cookie to go directly in her mouth and was flummoxed that it didn't. Nice trick to work on during a dreary winter day.
    Most of mine have learned the flip-catch on their own. The ones who are better at catching tossed treats seem to do the best with the flip-catch. I had one GSD who would just slowly lower his nose until the treat dropped off. He was much too dignified to do any silly flipping and catching!

  4. VERY nice!!

    I haven't been able to get Mike to do a flip-catch yet....OTOH he isn't very good at catching treats tossed to him either! Ianna just sits there with the treat on her nose, glaring at me as only a mature bitch can glare.

  5. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I coulda done better and been more adorable in the process. She always was less coordinated than I was, especially on Mulch Mountain.

    Valkyrie von Stroudsburg
    aka da 'Jorsey Gorl'