Sunday, September 20, 2009

Afternoon's play

Sometimes I get the feeling that what everyone sees here is all work and no play and that couldn't be further from the truth. One the the best things about working with dogs who not only have a good bit of training, but have training that teaches them to be flexible and able to understand commands when they are used to communicate new ideas is that when we decide to play everyone understands what we are doing. The following video footage is of myself and a group of students, apprentices and interns all working with a couple of dog (Tiny the Mastiff and Rugby the Maltese)on what we hope will turn into an entertaining video short.

What we learned was that Rugby needs more practice being carried and Tiny needs more practice carrying things that don't necessarily hold still. At the end of the afternoon, everyone agreed a good time was had by all. The downside of this shoot was expressed by the dogs who had to sit on the sidelines and watch since they didn't have a part. Guess the screen writer is just going to have to get busy and come up with some more parts. Who knows? This might just turn into a feature film.

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