Monday, December 07, 2009

Just a bunch of randoms

I started collecting the quotes used in this blog several weeks ago. Had fine, high-fluting ideas about writing a deeply thoughtful, insightful, monologue on where we stand at the close of this year of Two Thousand and Nine CE. The first problem I ran into was that every single time I would start to write this amazing opus my mind would simply go blank. When I would finally come back to myself I'd be playing Solitaire.

Now I ask you, how is a well-meaning, reasonably thoughtful person like I thought I was supposed to write anything of worth when the blasted computer switched to Solitaire in such a sneaky fashion?

My final solution is what I am now offering you. The entire, current collection of quotes. They are well worth thinking about. They are offered to you with the hopes that you, my reader, will be led into doing some research on your own. I don't know about you, but I know I wouldn't have a life worth living if it was bereft of animals.

In my case, with my current living situation that means dogs, dogs, dogs. I want to continue to train them the way I have always trained them. I want my right to care for them as DOGS! I want to continue to be the owner and to use what is now a unPC term, I want to be the master (well in my case, I guess I need to say mistress).

I don't want to lose them. No, I don't want to be a dog mommy. No, I don't want to have the state allow me guardianship over a group of fur children. No, I'm not willing to live with a bunch of "little people in fur suits". I'm not willing to prevent my dogs from learning the joys of real work.

"Animal rights is mental illness masquerading as philosophy." Walt Hutchens

I continue to wonder if the real problem is that for one reason or another we now have a huge population of mostly women of a certain age and education level who are all suffering from Munchausen by proxy syndrome (MBPS) and the poor proxy just happens to be whatever animals they have taken a fancy to. These women also managed to raise a generation of young humans who seem to be pretty much neuters, insist their animals be rendered sexless and who are continuing the MBPS with a vengeance. The goal would appear to make the condition the legal norm. May G*d save all of us from such a fate.

"Animal Extremists and Animal Terrorists. The difference is that anyone falling
into those two groups will gladly deprive you of your civil rights, your
property and even your life in order to get what they want (witness the
story about the fur protesters in Morgan, UT who claim that "God hates fur"
and even carried a poster with a drawing of an automatic weapon and the
words "no compromise") ." barbarajhaines

Now that's another thing I just don't get. Here we are, living in a great country. A country founded on a person's individual freedoms. Pride of our civil rights and our right to own property seems to be falling out of fashion. In it's place is what? Socialism? Something even worse?

The solution begins when we spread the word: "When you donate to HSUS, a shelter
dog dies." Loretta Baughan

Now this is something we should all be saying every single chance we get. Money donated to the Humane Society of the US doesn't go to help any animals. It sure doesn't help the lost, broken, cast off dogs. It sure doesn't help the horses or the cattle or the sheep or the pigs or even the chickens. What it does do is help pass yet another round of human hostile, animal killing bills into law. As a certain TV personality is fond of saying, "How's that working for ya?"

To the Members of the California State Assembly:

I am returning Assembly
Bill 241 without my signature.

This measure would make it a crime for
any person or entity to own or control more than 50 unsterilized adult dogs or
cats for breeding or raising for sale as pets. I support measures designed to
prevent animal cruelty and that punish persons engaged in the abuse of animals.
However, this measure simply goes too far in an attempt to address the serious
problem of puppy mills. An arbitrary cap on the number of animals any entity can
possess throughout the state will not end unlawful, inhumane breeding practices.
Instead this measure has the potential to criminalize the lawful activities of
reputable breeders, pet stores, kennels, and charitable organizations engaged in
raising service and assistance dogs.

For these reasons, I am unable to
sign this bill.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

When Gov. Schwarzenegger refused to sign CA 241 into law, I was one of a great many who gave a sigh of relief. Sadly that was just one of hundreds of bills presented to legislative bodies all across this great land of ours. Why? What on earth has gotten into the elected officials? They continue to accept bills written by H$U$ toadies and then vote those anti-animal bills into laws. Laws that will do much harm and do no good. Strange behavior, strange indeed.

Animal Welfare or Animal Rights?
Here are some of the differences:
As animal welfare advocates. . .

  • We seek to improve the treatment and well-being of animals.
  • We support the humane treatment of animals that ensures comfort and freedom from unnecessary pain and suffering.

  • We believe we have the right to "own" animals -- they are our

  • We believe animal owners should provide loving care for the lifetime of
    their animals.

As animal rights activists. . .
  • They seek to end the use and ownership of animals, including the keeping of
  • They believe that any use of an animal is exploitation so, not only must we
    stop using animals for food and clothing, but pet ownership must be outlawed as well.
  • They want to obtain legal rights for animals as they believe that animals
    and humans are equal.
  • They use false and unsubstantiated allegations of animal abuse to raise
    funds, attract media attention and bring supporters into the movement.
         (The Inhumane Crusade, Daniel T. Oliver – Capital Research Center)

For now I will just ask you to read, think about what you just read and then read it again. I don't know about you, but no way will I ever be willing to believe my dogs are my equals. Well, maybe I could be convinced to change my mind on that matter when the dogs start washing windows. Certainly not before.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) spent less than 5% of its
$152 MILLION income directly aiding animals. Most of their money went to
executive salaries, travel and political lobbying.

If you really want to give your money away to be used for paying executive salaries, travel and heavy duty political lobbying, hey it's still a free country. It's your hard earned money and you should be free to spend it, give it away, bury it or burn it. In the giving away part, at least know what that money will be spend on. Know it will be spend on eliminating domestic animals. Personally I think that is a really bad idea, but that's just me.

Animal rights laws are another way for government to meddle in your life

We've got way, way too much government as it is, do you really want more?

Even Dobermans enjoy duck hunting and duck eating.


  1. Anonymous6:20 PM

    I shared the link to this one on my newsgroup (SFF, author sort of thing)--thank you! I've been discussing these issues there for years, but honestly, you do it better than I do...


  2. I love the MBPS thing. We do an injustice to animals when we attempt to 'evolve' them into something alien (to them anyway). I personally will continue to support groups that spread the awareness of puppy mills. Money hungry breeders who allow their stock to reside in inhumane conditions are a bigger threat to American values than are those who dress their dogs in sweaters! Training, breeding and selling dogs shouldn't be inhumane ... ever and for any reason. If it becomes that way people sohuld be jailed, fined and have rigts revoked. Unfortunately, where consicoussness isn't evolved enough to handle it, law must step in with its force. Laws against inhumane treatment never bother those who do not act inhumanely.

  3. Laws against inhumane treatment are inhumane when they're enforced inhumanely. I've had personal experience with AR types who attempted to use whatever veneer of authority they had to bully others in surrendering their dogs.

    When you think about it, puppy mill laws try and find people guilty without due process of law. Really, really think about that. We have more safeguards against consficating children from their abusive parents than we have against consficating and destroying valuable animals based on trumped-up charges.

    We do not have a LEGAL process in place to really be humane to animals and their owners when it comes to accusations of animal abuse. This is the reality. You're actually destroying American values by promoting witchhunts of animal breeders at a local, county, or state government level.

    We already have too many laws as they are. Work on understanding USDA guidelines for commerical breeding, learn about the breeding game, and then protest puppy mill regulations to THEM. You'll do more good than harm that way.

  4. Dear Wilbrod The Gnome,

    Were you here I would give you a big hug and a kiss for your clear addition to my random quotes and thoughts on the black sin the animal radicals are committing and actually turning into laws of the land.

    What insanity, this!!