Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Birds

This happens every year about this time. I don't even know for certain just what sort of bird they are other than that they are quite large, black and noisy.

When the flocks start to arrive I have gotten into the habit of bring all the dogs in the house. What I learned was that if I leave the dogs out the birds just sit up in the trees, crap all over everything including the dogs and don't leave until they are allowed to lite and eat whatever it is they eat when they stop here.

I'm sorry the video isn't any clearer. One of the things you really can't see is just how many birds are perched in the trees around the "eating" area.

Every since I got it in my head that the birds were actually eating some nasty that if left alone would harm and maybe kill my trees, I've been content to let them have use of both front and backyard until they have finished the meal. Gee, does that mean I'm a green?


  1. I wonder if they are eating your walnuts.

  2. Anonymous5:47 PM

    A friend just pointed me to your blog--I'm so glad she did. What a wonderful, practical voice of sanity it is.

    Those are starlings. European invading species, scourge of the skies. Ugh!

    (a newly subscribed reader)

  3. Doranna, newest subscribed reader,
    I was actually going to send you a private note, BUT sad to say I really must be even more tired than I thought. Why? Cause for the life of me I just don't seem to be able to click on the right button to take me to you.

    Anyway, all I was going to say was welcome. Glad you found Sanity's Home and that you like it enough to hang around for a time.

    The real reason I respond is to say thanks for putting a name to the flock. I pretty much suspected they were starlings, but not being a birder was too shy to say. How right you are about them being a nasty invading scourge.

    Now for the hidden reason for bringing all the dogs in during the 24 hours they are flying through here. If one of the dogs manages to catch one of those big, black suckers the entire flock will go on the attack. Nasty business when that happens and it tends to leave some lasting scars on the brain of the dog who is their target.

  4. Anonymous2:31 AM

    Oh, I signed in through my Beagle's (ahem) LiveJournal, so that's where the link goes. I didn't mean to be obscure.

    Glad to lend a hand. If Hitchock wasn't inspired by starlings for THE BIRDS, he should have been! I can believe they'd mess with a dog; they go after raptors, too. We don't have them here so much but the ravens tease the dogs mercilessly to make up for it.