Monday, August 08, 2005

Day 18

Personally I think today was sort of a bust. Being very short-handed, I was faced with doing all the morning work by myself. This meant I didn't pay as close attention to Sanity as I should have. That wouldn't have been a problem but for one thing...

I have a full house and by the time the last dog checked in this morning there were 17, super active, large dogs literally buzzing around the yard with Miss Sanity in hot pursuit. Nice for her to get exercise. Bad for her when it came time to do some training. The 10 a.m. lesson started with a pup way too tired to be of any use. This meant no training for her. Bad owner. She isn't anyways near able to help out with the 11 a.m. student and by 12 noon she was still too tired to do much.

So I figured I'd just get in some training time in conjunction with the Monday evening class. It was just not to be. The rain rolled in and the class had to be cancelled. Ah well, Sanity doesn't seem to mind and is fast asleep. Tomorrow is another day.

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