Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Day 40

Day 40

Well today was the day, meaning I started teaching the formal retrieve today. Ten times, in two different sessions I placed the dumbbell in Sanity’s mouth with the command to “fetch”. While it rested in her mouth I stroked her head and softly told her what a good girl she was. She just acted as if this was another one of my strange ideas, but to make me happy she was willing to go with the program.

That tiny bit of retrieve work was all I had a chance to do and by evening I was dealing with a pup about to crawl out of her skin. Not enough activity to suit her tastes, that is for sure.

Teething is now a major issue and she is of the opinion that if it isn’t moving it is worth chewing on. If it is moving, then it needs to be stopped and chewed. I knew this was coming and out came a brand new serious chewing bone. Talk about grateful, she all but smiled as she settled down for some truly serious chewing.

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