Friday, August 26, 2005

Day 36

Seems as if Fridays just have to be a slow day. I'm sure it is because Thursdays are just a killer. Sanity helped out with one lesson and then when I turned around to look for her she was gone. Went in the house and sure enough, there she was, curled up in a bed in the office and fast asleep. Growing pups do need lots of sleep so I voted for letting sleeping pups lie.

Later in the day I started seeing some very nasty looking and smelling diarrhea around the yard. Humm...need to keep a close eye on everyone and figure out who is in trouble. First it is the culprit I suspected, to wit an older Dobe pup (8 months old to be exact) who has had a problem with diarrhea off and on all summer. I keep on saying there is something not right about her, but don't seem to be having much success in getting owner to listen. Then I found some diarrhea in spots where I know Sanity likes to go. Oh no!

Sure enough between dinner and bedtime she had to go out 3 times and each time it was that nasty stuff. You know it is bad when she is willing to trot right down that ramp, ignore the rain and do what she needs to do. She went to bed early and pretty much only got up to go potty. I will take a good look at the situation in the morning.

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