Monday, August 29, 2005

Day 39

Day 39

What a totally strange day this was, just seemed as if no one could get anything right. The dogs all wandered around here like so many lost souls and other than some half-hearted digging in a forbidden area of the yard they pretty much slept all day. All my regularly scheduled students had to cancel for one reason or another and then came evening and the Monday evening class.

First hardly anyone showed up and those that did just couldn’t seem to keep their feet, hands and mouths in sync. Then I kept on calling out the wrong commands, not that it mattered all that much since hardly anyone was doing what I was calling anyway.

The one bright thing that happened was Sanity. After watching very closely for the past couple of weeks she figured out that the gloves were special and so decided to volunteer to fetch them to me. Never mind the fact they were someone else’s gloves and it wasn’t time for the glove exercise anyway. I called her, she came strutting up to me, proud as proud could be. The glove hanging from her mouth viewed as a major accomplishment. I told her to sit and she didn’t just sit, she sat straight and tall, back straight and eyes all a sparkle. “Good girl. Clever girl. Give.” With some reluctance she gave up the glove, accepted some more praise and before I could say “boo” she was off to retrieve? steal? a metal article from the pile being worked by another dog.



“Not yours.”

“Oh shoot, Sanity come. Good girl, what a good girl you are. Now out of the ring with you. Your turn will come soon enough.”

Meanwhile, I really am getting the message and tomorrow we will begin the formal, working retrieve.

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