Thursday, November 22, 2007

Catch up III or the trip to Florida

In September, Sanity and I headed for Florida to attend a marathon session Board of Directors meeting. Pre-meeting dinner on Friday evening led to two long, very long days of meeting non-stop but for breaks to eat and stretch a bit.

We shared our motel room with Paula, Jeb and Babette. Considering what I found when I came out of the bathroom with no other thought in my head than bed and sleep, I sure was glad Babette had arrived dogless.

What I found when I came out of the bathroom all ready to hop into bed.
Least you make the mistake of thinking there was any room for me, think again.

Yes, it is true that the room had two beds, but just take a look at the second bed. Now I ask you, what's a poor old woman to do?

I plead with Sanity to "DOOOOO something"

Jeb banished to the sofa for the night.

Now I can at least stretch out on the very edge of the bed.
Most of the time from first thing in the morning to late in the evening was spent sitting at a board room table struggling to make sense of all sorts of items. This trip was all about Board of Directors, International Association of Canine Professionals and trying to learn at a sort of double time speed. Talk about tired when I got home. My brain was fried.

On the up side, the actual travel time was smooth and without a single mishap. That certainly was a bonus.

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