Friday, November 23, 2007

November 18, 2007

For the very first time, Sanity went to a training match. I knew there was one being held close enough for me to be able to drive and so we went. I had to know. Had to know if I was totally crazy or just a little bit crazy.

Imagine my surprise when Sanity managed a qualifying show. Yes, that's right. She actually managed to do a drop on recall. Mind you it was anything but pretty, but it was a drop and she did manage to get all the pieces in the correct order. With that out of the way, the retrieve on the flat was a piece of cake that could have benefited from a nicer delivery and finish, but...

Between the retrieve on the flat and the retrieve over the high jump, Miss Sanity decided to wander over and schmooze with the judge for a moment. I was most surprised when I looked down after taking my place to realize she wasn't there. Before I could say or do anything, her she comes as if she owned the world. The retrieve over the high jump only served to make her ever so pleased with herself. That meant I had to be quick, quick to jerk my head back when she leaped into the air with the full intent of giving me a full mouth kiss. "Not on your life, kid; not on your life." You would not believe how fast I can turtle my head.

And we faced the broad jump. I left her. I sent her. She sailed over that jump, made a nice turn, came back to me and actually sat for about .5 second before shooting around to the heel position.

Stays were just stays, but for the fact that she actually popped up as I got back to her. This is something that I will have to work very hard on for the next few weeks. I know why it is happening and I know how to fix it. Just hope I have the time.

About heeling. It is awful. Truly awful. After giving it lots of thought I have decided that for the time being, I am going to just have to carry her shoulder pack myself so we can work on formal heeling every single time we go anyplace. At least that way I can make good use of the time.

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