Wednesday, November 28, 2007

November 27, 2007

Tuesday and I don't have a clue as to what my problem is now. For some reason I just don't seem to be able to remember what day it is. First I thought it was Monday and then I decided it must be Wednesday. I suspect the tension is a building as the weekend gets closer and closer.

Started a JRT puppy today which just added to my confusion. Normally I start new dogs on Monday rather than later in the week. Guess I could blame the pup's owner for my confusion.

Found Sanity's reaction to my working the pup most interesting. This is the first time she has acted as if it bothered her a bit to have to "share" work time with another. Not sure why she is choosing to notice now when my working a board and train dog has never bothered her before. I must say I do like the results. She was starting to act silly. I wasn't in the mood. Since the pup still needed to be worked I just sent her to a kennel run and work the pup. The look on her face was priceless. She never took her eyes off me the entire time I was working him.

He is a cute little bugger, who goes by the name of Mr. Bean. Since it was his first day, he spent most of the work time tied to my waist as I went about the yard doing the pick up and other yard tasks. At 15 weeks that really was just about all he was up to doing for a first day.

When I got Sanity back out she was totally focused on what I wanted her to do. Yep, I did like the response. So much for the daytime training.

Later in the evening, Alison came to pick up Chance and as always she made use of the studio to work him for a while before leaving. It made for a good time to do a set of stays. Darn if Sanity didn't pop on my return at the end of the down/stay. It was just too much and I whacked her on the top of the head with my cane handle. The next set of stays were completed with NO popping or even a hint that she might be thinking about popping up. Hummm...makes me wonder if I shouldn't have cleaned the cobwebs out of her brain sooner.

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