Wednesday, November 28, 2007

November 26, 2007

Got in two good work sessions on Monday. She is looking pretty good. The broad jump was straight down the center with a good clean jump only to bobble the front in more ways than I would have thought possible. The very last time I had her do the broad jump (I think it must have been #30 or so) she did a great jump, a perfect front and a very nice finish. At least I know its in there somewhere.

Oh how I wish I had just a couple more weeks to practice the off angle retrieves. She is still so shakey on the return when the dumbbell lands off to either the right or the left. Guess the burden is really going to be on me to get in some super straight throws this coming weekend.

I am getting a drop every single time I give the down command. At least I am starting to feel a little more confident about what the response will be when I need it. Still working the drills and will continue to do so right up to the last of the four trials.

I'm still fighting with the popping problem on the down/stay, to which she has now added a very, very slow response to my down command all together. What frustration. I have a great and very solid down on command and down/stay and no drop on recall or I get a trade. This gives me a good drop on recall and the down-down/stay just flaps in the wind, so to speak.

Got my nails done today and so I did manage to do some pretty good heeling. My idea to put her trail collar on, carry the shoulder pack myself and really focus on the heeling is looking like it may pay off.

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