Thursday, June 15, 2006

Columbia MO (continued)

The following pictures were taken on the second leg of our journey. I made the mistake of thinking the first plane was small. Little did I know that the second plane would be even smaller. In this first shot they haven't closed the door yet. There is so little room I couldn't figure out where to put my feet and one of them is actually in the aisle.
As you can see in this picture, there really isn't any room at all under the seats. Passengers were not allowed to have any carry-on items on this plane because there simply wasn't any room.
Once they closed the door it seemed as if there was even less room and then we just sat on that runway and sat and sat. It was as if we were sitting in a tin can doing a slow broil. Sanity isn't one to pant and as you can see she had to sit up and try to cool off. Her panting got pretty serious before we were finally underway and they turned the AC on. Thankfully it was a short 45 minute hop to our final destination.

My way of dealing with the steep stairs necessary for disembarking was to leave her on a sit/stay and negotiate them by myself and then call her to me after I got seated in the wheelchair the airport provided. This is a shot of her waiting next to the air line attendant.
As you can see, it was hot enough to cause my "I like it warm" girl to do a wide open pant in an attempt to keep cool.
The next two shots show some of the other planes on the runway. and this shot
No, we didn't' do a jump back in time. They were having an air show when we arrived.
Once on the ground we met up with George and headed back to his lovely home and a week of hard work. More pictures to come. Sorry this is taking so long, but you can blame it on for not letting me post pictures except via the most difficult of routes AND worse yet, sometimes they just plain aren't accepting any new entries at all. Gotta do something about setting up a blog site on my web page.

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