Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Our trip to Columbia MO

Well, the trip to Columbia, MO has come and gone. I have managed to get caught up on almost all the jobs that seem to magically appear anytime a person goes out of town for more than a day and now it is time to report and get back to the daily log.

Best to start in the middle and tell about our trip. This picture was taken by a very sweet flight attendant. It was on the first leg of our trip.

This series of shots gives some idea of just how little room we had and we were sitting in bulkhead which, in theory has the most room.

The flight attendant was trying to take pictures for me when we hit a rough patch. Right after this shot the seatbelt sign came on and it was a while before any more pictures could be taken. It was so dark that Sanity's head doesn't even show up in the picture, but she was actually peeking around the corner and watching. I wish there had been enough light for her to show up.

I give up. One of the reasons why you haven't heard from me in so long isn't just my being busy or tired from the trip. It is that the blog site itself has been down more than it has been working. When I logged in to start this up date it appeared to be finally running correctly. Not so and I really don't have the time to spent when the darn site makes me do it over and over and wait forever for the pictures to load. Will try again tomorrow.

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  1. Good to see you're back Margot! I am very interested to hear about the BT school.