Sunday, June 04, 2006

Tyler at Lauren's5

As each day goes by he is doing better. He knows what he is suppose to do. I keep reminding myself he is just a puppy, but some of the things he does has Sanity written all over it. Don't let me get on the phone or give him too much slack.

He is good at stealing things in plastic bags like food and treats. He is at the stage where everthing must be tasted and eaten if no one is looking. When he does that I call him "HOOVER">

Bitsy and him have been ok except if she happens to have food stuck in her fur. He will pester her until the cows come home. They both like ice chips and he has made a game out of it so we have little wet spots all over their sofa, etc. If he does anything he thinks he is getting in trouble for he immediately runs to me and get up on the seat of the scooter and looks at me with that "WHAT" look. See I am being good!!!??? Right!!!!

Today we took another traffic and road trip to the drug store. I run him up part of the way and then put him on the bottom of the scooter. He whines when he sees other dogs, but other than that he minds his own business. I know he is still a puppy and he misses all the doggie friends.

He is getting lots of different experiences.

The hardest part is he is so friendly and wants to say hello to all Don's nurses. Alot of them are afraid of "Black dogs" as they say "I can't see his eyes" superstitions from other voodoo countries. So I try to either have him on the flexie or on my seat on the scooter when they arrive. They never come the same time, so it has been difficult from that standpoint. He is doing much better this week.

I have gotten a few pictures, but Don can't manage the camera. Will get more this week before I bring him back.

BLT (Bitsy,Lauren & Tyller)

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