Monday, June 12, 2006

Day 324

Having allowed Sanity to take a serious break from any and all training, based on her starting to request training I figured it would be a good time to start up again. We will continue to rough in the utility exercises while building the open exercises. For those of you who are wondering just where I am going with all this, its actually easy.

After I finish roughing in Utility I will go all the way back to Novice and in effect, start all over again. The major difference will be my insisting on a more precise working style. I think it is necessary at this point to begin to stress the fact that one of the things I am forced to do now that is totally different from how I have ever trained before is that my dog, in this case Sanity, simply must learn to work in a rather slow, deliberate manner. I simply can't stand the pain associated with being bumped by an silly/happy dog nor will my current level of stiffness allow me to move fast enough to even consider one of the popular styles of movement. Doesn't matter since slow and deliberate get the job done in a very comfortable, reliable manner. I'm pleased with the results and so is Sanity and as we all know that is what is really important.

During the evening "Bits and Pieces" class I managed to have Sanity do a directed retrieve to the #1 glove. She is moving about half the distance necessary and moving with complete confidence toward a hidden glove. I also worked her on articles and had her do metal and leather as two separate exercises. We only worked with 2 taboo and one correct article. She did well on both.

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