Monday, May 29, 2006

Tyler at Lauren's4

Today was quite eventful. It was 91 today and very hot. We all had to go to the Giant as we were having Noah and his mom Kim over for a cookout. I ran Tyler for a while, but felt it was too hot, not only in degrees, but the asphalt on his tender feet. So then nestled him in for a long ride to Giant. Across New Hampshire Ave. and thru many streets in the street. Tyler got a little antsy, but all in all did good for his first food store and long scooter ride in the heat.

Then Mr. Felisano came and we worked in the garden for a while. Dogs took a nap and then Noah and his mom Kim (my neice) arrived and we visited and ate. I put Tyler on the seat of my scooter and have him lie down while we eat as it is way too tempting for others to feed him and I will not have them break the training. After we ate we all played with the toy retrieve and tired all of us out. Now all are resting and getting ready for bed. I would say it was an eventful day for a dogs point of view. (mine too)

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