Friday, February 03, 2006

Day 197

Lucile came for a visit and brought a pack of 6 with her. She actually got here last night but this morning was the first chance to turn everyone out for a meet and greet. Aside from the face that I always enjoy having Lucile here to visit, the training opportunities are going to be fantastic.

We put all the day care and borders up and turned the Six Pack out, gave them a bit of time in the yard and then I let Wrap and Sanity out to meet them. They both flew down the ramp just like they always do. Wrap sailed on out into the yard and began to go about her rounds just like she always does. Sanity made it to the bottom of the ramp and hit the breaks. "What the H?" "Just what is this thing?"

And then, "Oh my, this one is even taller!"

She made a quick recovery and noticed there were even more strangers in the yard. Over all it actually only took about 20 minutes to complete the introductions and then there really wasn't even anything interesting to watch.

By afternoon things did sort of get interesting when she first tried to make Couger get off the love seat, not knowing nor understanding that Couger has special privileges. That was a failure since she got reprimanded by two humans and two adult dogs. Bummer. Later, Lucile wanted to sit on the love seat and Sanity thought she would just stay put. Was she ever surprised then she found herself on the receiving end of the "push it off on to the floor" trick. Again, she though she might give this new found growl a try. CRASH!!! and she was on the floor and being reprimanded by two humans, yet again. Another bummer.

Evening and dinner is over. Time to retire to the living room. But wait! That little hairy dog is in the living room. Get her out! Get her out! And poor Sanity is in trouble yet again. It was a difficult day.

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