Friday, February 24, 2006

Day 218

Friday and today was also a hair cut day for me. Miss Sanity continues to push and push. I say sit and she does a down. I enforce the sit. I say down and she does a sit. I enforce the down. She turns her back on all of us. Just like in the CAC meeting on Tuesday evening, everyone is highly amused by her "teenage" behavior and my complaining about how much I "hate teenagers". I tell her to fetch my cane for me and she picks it up, swings around with it in her mouth, whacks Michael (who has just finished cutting my hair) in the shins with it, drops it and then claims she can't possibly pick it up ever again. This is going to be a long couple of months.

Back home and Randy, the Photo-Journalist is back to take some more pictures. He wants pictures of me with my dogs as what he calls portrait shots and he wants a few more close-up action shots. I simply told him I a way too much of a weather weenie to go outside and pose for anything other than that of a dying Eskimo. So we go downstairs to the studio to shoot. I have no idea how the portrait shots turned out, BUT I did get to see some of the action shots and they are totally great!

He managed to catch Sanity in the air almost every single time she jumped and some of her moves were awesome. He has promised to make me a disk and when I have my hands on it, I will post some of the better shots. More than once she managed enough lift to carry her all the way to the ceiling. Granted it is a low ceiling, but, not THAT low.

Scent work is still dragging and I am moving backwards as far as the article placement goes. At 12 and then 1 o'clock, she is going out, sniffing and then either standing there doing nothing until I finally move in to correct for lack of work or she hits on the correct one, knocks it away and insists on trying to bring back the taboo article. And so we limp along slowly moving towards the goal of doing the entire clock.

No matter how it is set up it still takes a solid month or more of working with just 2 articles before the idea is firmly implanted.

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