Friday, February 17, 2006

Day 211

I could just kick myself. Was outside this morning doing the yard clean-up and didn't have my camera. Of course this meant I missed the most fantastic set of pictures in the world. Sanity was leading one of the "everyone's included" wild chases around the yard. There were 12 dogs involved and most were trailing way behind. Only Trevor the adult GSD was even close and he was way more than close, he was hot on her heels. (I'm going to try and get some mulch pile pictures tomorrow).

The mulch pile was just refreshed and is really tall. Sanity shot to the top with Trevor only inches from her butt. Once she crested the top she launched herself up and out and out and out. That was truly a breathtaking leap and she knew exactly what she was doing and exactly were she was going. She landed neat as a pin almost all the way to the privacy fence, two more short leaps and a pivot brought her to the wheelbarrow leaning against the fence and she ducked behind it and then peeked out the other side. Too funny.

Meanwhile, back to Trevor who had to come back down the mulch pile the more prosaic way. This meant he was looking down when she totally disappeared off the radar. When he got to the bottom, he just stopped dead in his tracks and the look on his face was priceless. "DUH? Where'd she go? Where'd she go? Damnit, how does that little bitch do that?" To make matters even funnier he took off looking for her going in...can you guess? It was the wrong direction all together.

Meanwhile, she came out of her hiding spot, slipped up behind him and pinched him on the butt and the chase was on again. It just wasn't as fast and the other dogs had all dropped out since it appeared to me that Sanity had won yet again. I have got to get a camcorder.

Later she and I went off to do our usual Friday morning with Janene. Today, for the first time, she started standing by the door, ducking her head and putting in the pack when I held it out. Neat. Today, for the first time, her heel position was actually almost a real heel position. (for those of you who maybe wondering about that comment: please remember that she is working off leash and is still only a 9 month old pup. Heel position is very much relative to your ability and hers is coming along nicely.)

Once inside and settled on her rug, she proceeded to fall fast asleep. A state she remained in until it was time to leave. She never noticed nor stirred when a friend joined us and even moved the chair next to her head. In fact, she was so fast asleep that when it was time to leave it took her a few minutes to get herself together and into some sort of working mode. Now that is what I call relaxed.

For one reason or another I let the day slip by and it wasn't until 9 p.m. before we finally managed to get in a sorry single working session with the articles. However, the only thing sorry about it was the lateness of the hour and that there was only one session.

The taboo article was put out and then the correct article was placed at 1 o'clock. Almost before the word "Find" was free of my lips she was out there, had sniffed both and had the correct one in her mouth and was on her way back to me. WOW! The second time the article was placed at 3 o'clock. Again, she moved at once and with full confidence to the two, sniffed, picked up the correct one and was on her way back. Zip, zip, bang and the training session was over.

Making sure the young dog gets enough physical exercise is key to successful training.

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