Monday, February 20, 2006

Day 214

Monday - President's Day has turned out to be something of a holiday for us. One consultation in the morning and then just the dogs coming in to board or leaving to go home. Sanity seems to be feeling better about Tyler and showed some signs of "ownership" today. Caesar was here today for a half day of day care. He and Tyler started getting to know one another while Sanity hovered around the edges making sure everything was going the right way. I think Sanity is going to grow up to be a really great Yard Boss. She got the situation sorted out with only a little bit of help from me and it really wasn't long before the two were able to go off on their own.

Inside time was well spent helping Tyler learn patience via a variation of my "sit on the dog" training. In this case, Tyler was introduced to a very light weight bench chain and the idea of just hanging out in the office with me and any other dogs who happen to be doing the office scene. This just about always included Wrap and Sanity as well as various and sundry other small dogs.

On the scent front we continue to limp along with her getting the 3 o'clock position right while cutting down on her fooling around when out there looking. However, she is totally committed to NOT touching or even sniffing the article when it is at 5 o'clock. Looks like this is going to be the tough wall. Glad it is happening now rather than after I have added additional taboo articles.


  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Any comment on this MD proposal?

    Melissa Stagnaro
    Alexandria, VA

    Or MD Bill 1457 having to do with gutting and re-writing the Maryland White Cane laws, is a very bad bill. It is in violation of a ADA in a number of ways and seeks to make it impossible for people with disabilities to have a service dog in Maryland.

    It is causing the most amazing colation of people to put aside their differences and fight the passage of this bill. I suspect the sponsors never dreamed it would stir up this much activity AGAINST it. Here's hoping it dies a quiet and unmourned death, never to be revived again.

  3. Anonymous9:49 PM

    What is "sit on the dog" for and how does one perform it?

    I'm currently training my 14-month old Pointer using the Koehler Novice book and I always look forward to your blog entries. Thanks for letting us in on your experiences.

    Hector Vega
    Burbank, CA