Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Day 215

It really wasn't a bad day, just a draining one. Monday and Tuesday dogs here since yesterday was a holiday for most people. Then one of those classes that a person wouldn't even wish on their worst enemy. Well, maybe on their worst enemy on a bad day. At least I had sense enough to suspect it was going to be that sort of class and put all the dogs up before they got here. I didn't even use Wrap or Sanity as helpers. Now that is really a bad situation, indeed.

Tyler actually spent some time outside in the big kennel run while everyone else crowded around trying to figure the new kid out. At first, he hung back and just watched the pack. After a bit, he got his "sea legs" and began to come up to the fence and check out each dog, one at a time. It will be some time before he can run with the big dogs. His frolicking gait, scampering and bouncing just isn't seen as dog, so until he matures into a dog he will run separately from all but a carefully chosen few.

I managed one sorry session with scent work. We are stuck at 3 o'clock/5 o'clock and I fear may be there for a time. Oh well, at least it will make me work harder on fixing all the goofing off problems.

The work with the metal articles is starting to pay off in other areas. She is starting to get the idea that fetching the metal food pans is something that can be done. Her problem right now is that she still hasn't figured out how to pick them up and carry them correctly. I know that will come as she gains more experience.

Went to a meeting of the Citizen's Advisory Committee I sit on and decided that I really hate teenaged dogs. Actually, right about now I suspect I don't like teenagers of either species but dogs are way up there at the top of my list. We go in the conference room and I tell her to go under.

She gets that look that says, "make me". I don't let her down.

Then I tell her to down. She says, "I don't have to since I went under the table for you."

I say, "You want'ta bet?"

After she is down I look up to see that everyone else is watching this little interchange with amused looks. All I can say is, "I hate teenagers." And everyone starts laughing. They have all seen her much better mannered and behaved just a couple of months ago.

I'm just plain tired now.


  1. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Thanks. That was an interesting exchange between you and Sanity. I'm glad you are so firm with her. She'll eventually grow out of it, I'm sure. Keep up the great Blog. Have a great week end.
    Stay Safe,
    Mike Crimens
    Bayern, Germany

  2. I suspect that Sanity and I will lock horns on a daily basis for the next 3 or 4 months. Little does she realize that I can be relentless. Totally capable of doing the same thing over and over and over again until the problem is corrected.

    There have been way more than a few people in my life who insist that is the defination of crazy. The do it over and over and over inspite of the results. I just point out that makes me crazy like the fox, cause in the end things go my way.

    It used to be fun, now is just gets tiring sometimes. Is it worth it? You bet!! I love the final outcome.