Saturday, February 04, 2006

Day 198

How do you explain to a pup who is convinced they are now an all knowing adult, that they really don't have enough life experiences yet to be making decisions on their own? When we went to bed last night I though Sanity had pretty much figured out that Lucile and Cougar were staying. After all, we had gone over the fact that Cougar has special privilege that most other visiting dogs just don't get. Everyone had settled down and then it is time for bed. Lights out and all is quiet...for a time.

"BARK!Alarm! bARK! Wake up, oh please wake up there are trespassers in the living room."

"Hush. Go back to sleep they are supposed to be there."

A couple of hours later. Nudge. Poke. Push. Wet nose and heavy breathing in my face, forces me awake again. "Now what?" And Sanity is off the bed and rushing into the living room again. BARK! HELP! TRESPASSERS! This time I got up and didn't just follow her into the living room, but insisted that she take a break and go outside for a few minutes. Back inside, she was still worried about the strange things in the living room. I insisted she come back to bed and that she had to BE QUIET on pain of instant death.

By the clock, two hours later...Poke. Push. Nudge. "B A R K!!!! There are evil things in the living room. Wake up and help me!!!"

I figure to just put her out again for a short time and then do some doggie pushups to get her mind settled. Except I can't find my slippers. "Damnit Sanity!! What have you done with my slippers?"

A quiet search locates them. They are now neatly lined up at the far end of the living room. In a whisper, "Sanity you fetch those slippers right now!"

Sanity insisting she can't possibly fetch them because there are demons in the living room. Me in a whisper, threatening to end her life if she doesn't bring my slippers back to me. Her slinking slowly through the dark living room to retrieve first one then the other slipper. Back to bed and an attempt made to sleep.

Two hours later the alarm tells me it is time to get up. Sanity of course rushed to the living room and back again to let me know there are still trespassers lurking there and I should be careful when I pass that way. Need I say that it was a long night?

Thank goodness there was only the Retrieve class to teach this morning. I was so tired from all the goings on last night that if I had been faced with a bunch of lessons I don't know what I would have done. Meanwhile, Miss Sanity is just fine. Buzzing around like nothing at all is amiss. I think there was a bit more to the day, but I am really too tired to log any more. Good night and I sure hope I am allowed more sleep than last night.

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