Thursday, May 04, 2006

Day 287

I keep meaning to post the pictures of Sanity in her different britches and just keep on getting distracted by the wonderful weather. I am beginning to suspect that I am going to have to move the new laptop to the top of my want list if I am to get much more blogging done. I will be happy to sit in my outdoor office and write, where I am not at all happy about having to sit in the inside office and write.

Best news right now is that I finally got my camcorder and have been busy learning how to use it. In time I actually hope to be able to add a link from blog to MPEG site so I can really share what happens here. Listen here! A gal is allowed to dream and I figure if I am to waste time daydreaming I might as well dream big.

Sanity went back to class this evening. What a waste. All she wanted to do was sleep. Guess all that time in jail reset her clock or something. Tyler was so mad at having to stay home that he tried to get out under the fence and follow us and so he ended up in jail. Guess I am going to have to start taking the both of them.

Lauren, Bitsy and Don came over for a while today. Lauren got in some more work time with Tyler and we all just plain enjoyed the wonderful weather. Even though I had promised to go to lunch with them, it turned into a go get carryout so we could eat in the outside office. I needed to stay around since my answering machine was broken and I was waiting for the new one to be delivered. Besides which, truth to tell, I really didn't want to go someplace and sit inside when it was so nice outside.

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