Sunday, May 07, 2006

Day 290

While I normally insist on taking Sundays off and not training, I am so far behind schedule that I dare not take a day off for right now. So work we did. First Tyler and then Sanity worked on the place command. I really must get Sanity going much further than she is right now. Gave Tyler a turn with come, sit and heel. He has come and heel all muddled up in his mind.

Then I worked Sanity on scent work. My plan was to do metal articles and then work on the retrieve over the high jump and come back to work leather articles. That was the plan, however by the time I had managed to get two successes on the articles (I was using 2 taboo and 1 correct)I figured we were both too tired to do much more than 5 retrieves over the high jump and I called it quits.

About the high jump, I have it set at 16" and I place the dumbbell on the ground where I want it. I then step back to her, give her a jump command and once she is in the air I tell her to fetch. Once she is lifting the dumbbell from the ground I give her a jump command again and so far I have had nothing but success with the exercise. I just wish I could run her over the jumps more often without having to add the retrieve. I fear I am going to pay for this training gap when we really get going on the directed jumping exercise.

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  1. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Interesting and useful high jump/retreive breakdown. SK, HH, NJ