Saturday, May 20, 2006

Tyler at Lauren's2

Dear Margot:

Started the day with sitting outside for a very long time. He finally pottied. Brought them both in and figured he earned some time not attached to me while I made a cup of coffee as I was freezing from sitting outside waiting.............. He ran right in my room and did #2 again in the same spot. (I guess it was my fault) Good thing that dog food makes it easy to clean up.

Put him back on the flexie and sat outside again with him playing . I threw a stick and he brought it back to me. I was pleased, so back inside for a little while.

Don went to the store and when he returned told me about the strawberry festival up the street. The county has it annually there and my high school buddy works there. (She is head of Recreation Dept. for Montgomery County) So I had to take both of them since Don was going. Besides everyone takes their pets, so I know we all need the practice. What a hoot. Bitsy in the seat and Tyler down below. It was mostly rough on me. The dogs did really well.
I am still trying to figure the best way for Tyler to get use to riding in the car with me having to access the passenger side getting in and out. He does not know enough commands yet to do it as smooth as it will be later, but he sure is being good about all the new stuff we are doing.

All was tired, so we took a rest on the bed. All three of us. Tyler sleeps in his crate at night, but if I rest during the day, I let them rest with me. I wrap the string around my hand and he lays on me like I am Sanity. Bitsy usually stays on the floor, but she has been getting up too. This too shall pass.

I took them all out after our rest and he does everything else but potty. I brought him in to feed him his dinner in the crate. After dinner back outside for 1 and 1/2 hours more. I had no more charge left. I was not about to bring him in to go in my room again, so Don blocked one side and me the other and I let him off leash. He ran right to the back fence and did #2. I waited for a while to see if he had to do #1, then I called him and he came right to me. I praised him and now we are in.

So I will try back on the leash tomorrow. I was desperate tonight with no more charge. I want him to be able to potty on the leash also. All I do is untangle him as he gets so frustrated about being on the leash and having to go potty.

All in all, I think we all did good.

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