Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Days 278 to 286

What can I say? It's spring and the garden called and called and finally I had to answer. Now with the pond cleaned and waiting new fishy residents and beds readied for flowers my mind comes back to dog training and blogging.

Sanity is finally out of jail and definitely a new gal. Her entire demeanor has changed. Even the expression her face is different. She has also just had her first birthday. So many changes for her in a short space.

Just all of a sudden she "knows" how to pick up my cane. She "knows" how to pick up the dirty food pans. Her stand is ever so much better. Her nose works again, so scent work can be resumed. Her down is better and less grudgingly done. So once again I have been proven right when it comes to letting maturity follow a natural progression. Will I spay her now? Nope. Why? For starters because I still harbor hopes of her doing well in the breed ring. Besides which, going through one more season will just settle and mature her that much more. Jail and a leash work quite well as contraceptives, so breeding is not even a factor in the consideration.

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