Friday, May 19, 2006

Tyler at Lauren's1

Dear Margot:

After our morning conversation of Tyler not wanting to potty on a leash, I proceeded to go outside and sit. After one hour of trying different spots, I came back in to get warm. I continued to go to different spot, but all he would do is eat grass, sit and get himself wrapped around something. I ran in and out so much, I used all my charge by 12:00 noon. I went back out for a final attempt before I had to charge the chair. He did one #2. I was grateful and brought him in. I had to lay down while the charge was charging for a couple hours. Tyler lays on me like he does Sanity.

From 4:oo till 6 we did the same thing, but to no avail. I brought him in again and fed him his dinner.He did not eat all his dinner tonight. So back outside. Finally at 7:30 he pottied a river.
We all had a party and I brought him in and let him free from the chair and leash while we ate and I came back to the computer for 10 minutes and he went #2 in my room. So now he is attached to my chair again. He is a stubborn. I don't know how he held it from 1:00 yesterday till 7:30. (especially a male puppy). He does not want to potty on a leash. Tomorrow is another day!

Now the good news. He is getting better about coming. He in behind me now and I have been working on him coming up on the chair. He is bringing the toy back to me every time with a play retrieve. He also found a dental pic on the floor and he picked it up and brought it to me without me seeing him pick it up or asking him to "get it".

He is walking behind the chair on the flexie and is really watching the chair. My chair beeps when I back up and he is becoming aware of the noise also. Don still has to watch with his chair when Tyler is free.

All in all he is doing really good for a puppy. Plus its a new adjustment and I think he is handling it well.

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