Sunday, May 28, 2006

Tyler at Lauren's3

Dear Margot: After I spoke to you, I saddled up both dogs to take on a long hike. Bitsy on the seat and Tyler on the flexie. The destination was a fruit and veg. stand one street over. There are no side walks. We went up my street in the street, sidewalk along New Hampshire Ave. (wth traffic) short distance (one street over). We toured the veg and fruit stand all gravel, then completely around the block to our street. Tyler man was tired and trotted along most of the way. We stopped for a few rest periods and then back into full trot.

I did this to get him use to traffic noise and for building up his leash trotting with the scooter. This is what I did with Delta to build up his legs, etc.

Later in the day. I had planned a cookout. Tyler was like a little kid, but no one fed him. He did manage to pull a skewer of meat off the plate, but we got it in time. Sounds like a Sanity thief trick to me???? We stayed up till midnight and even when I tried to settle him down and we all went to bed, he did not want to go to sleep. He was so wired from all the attention and excitement. He is really getting alot of different senero's to deal with, but I think he is doing good.


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