Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Day 293

Wednesday, my morning student rescheduled, it is a beautiful day and I am stuck inside. Did not get to do a single worthwhile bit of training, didn't get to work in the garden. Shoot, I didn't even manage to get outside long enough to clean-up the yard. Why?

Because I spent the entire day working on the Power Point presentation I will be using when Sanity and I fly to Columbia, MO to teach a 5-day school on blending the use of the modern ecollar into a traditional training program. Seventy-five slides put together, and that means the school workbook with be 75 pages long. I sure hope people are coming to work rather than for a vacation.

The one truly funny thing that happened was toward the very end of the day. Diane, my Thursday evening helper and Saturday assistant came in to pick up her dogs and we started chatting. She took a seat on the loveseat and as we continued to chat, Sanity carefully stepped up on the loveseat beside her. Then came the funny/strange part. Sanity carefully sat and while studying Diane appeared to be trying to position herself in exactly the same position Diane was in. We both stopped talking to watch these unusual maneuvers.

By the time she was finished she looked for the world like a dog trying to mimic a human behavior and doing a darn good job at that. She was leaning her back against the back of the loveseat, spine straight and get this. She had wiggled her butt down and slightly out so her hind legs stuck straight out, you could see her belly and the real kicker came when with a final look at Diane she carefully placed her front feet on her rear legs. Diane was sitting with her hands resting on her legs. At that point, we both lost it and I am sorry to say started laughing so hard we were both almost crying. Poor Sanity, it really is mean to laugh at someone who is trying so hard.


  1. Pat McKinney1:05 PM

    Well, I know I'll be at the school to learn, although, if I get to watching Sanity, my mind might wander! She sounds to be so special!

  2. Who would go to Columbia, MO to vacation? :)

    Ok, to be fair I have never been to Columbia, but I have been to Joplin several times (my husband is from there) and as far as I can tell there is nothing remotely vacation-like to do there. One would have to drive to Branson or out into the Ozarks for that.

    So we will all be working because there will be Nothing Else To Do! :)

  3. Great! Looking forward to it. I just found my tripod and am about to get the camcorder out and see if I can figure out how to attach it. I am planning on videoing large chuncks of the training. The better to help everyone in attendance become even better trainers. Or something like that.

  4. Pat McKinney4:56 PM

    Once Sanity had herself carefully set, did she look at you and smile? I would have loved to see that little scene! It reminds me of when you noticed she was apparently trying to pickup with her paw the object she had been sent to fetch.

  5. Actually she looked more like she expected to be included in the conversation. I really am sorry I burst out laughing, cause I think when we both laughed like that it embarrassed her.

  6. Pat McKinney1:50 AM

    Awwww...pity you didn't say something gracious to her, ask her about her day. Perhaps she would have wrinkled her brow, pursed her lips and hummed! Or, as my Cairn bitch would have done,say "Ma-a-a-a!