Saturday, February 24, 2007

Peterborough, CANADA

Well, Sanity and I are back from the cold and windy and snowy north. Here are a few pictures of everyone hard at work. Tomorrow I will try and write some of my thoughts about the trip and share some of the comments. For right now you will just have to make do with the pictures.

The Dragon Lady trying to figure out just when to shoot flames and when to only blow smoke.
The Dragon Lady calls the class to order on the first morning.

Friday morning and finding the right seat. This classroom setup is done to encourage good study habits.

Why are you fondling those dogs?

No fondling here.

Learning what it feels like on both ends of the longe line, before adding the dogs.

From longe line work comes the heel position and all that is left to be done is give the position a name.

Good example of leash handling skills and ready to start heeling.


All work and no play, leaves Jill a dull girl. Since we don't want a dull Jill, playtime is a part of the work day.

An early off-shoot of the sit on the dog exercise is the ability to "stand on your dog" with great success.

Here's a very good right turn in the making.

Still learning how to handle that leash on a right turn, with practice all things get better.

No protruding dog on this left turn.

An almost perfect left turn in the making.

a good right turn in the making.
Breaks turned into calm, restful times that allowed everyone to recharge their batteries.
In order to teach the sit position and help the dog understand, for the first two days we adjust the collar so it is high and snug. Not too tight, not too loose, but just right.

Practicing "Left, right, sit your dogs"

Adding of the third row and everyone, "sit your dogs".

You want me to do what?

Now you want me to sit! Are you crazy? No way will this happen.

I can't believe I really fit and yet she really does manage a sit stay on that tiny one foot by one foot place board.

Everyone, stand your dogs.

A case of the handler losing heel position while the dog does an excellent job of holding a stand.

How to control helium filled thumbs when the threaten to drag hands up over head. After all the laughter, this turned into a really good demonstration of how helpful the figure eight exercise is at teaching heeling in a very small space even if your dog is the size of a small mac truck.