Monday, March 19, 2007

Update on Reno

Please follow this link to learn even more about how completely unreasonable this town has chosen to be. Remember, you could be the next victim of anti-dog sentiment. Do take the time to write a letter and remember to be polite. The necessary address is in the linked blog entry.

When you go to the next Reno site, make sure you take the time to scroll down past the part you already know and get to the backstory part. It will show you just what sort of thinking all dog owners are now up against. We must fight this on all fronts, before it is too late for all of us.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Town of Holland, Wisconsin

This is Reno, he is no longer welcome in Town of Holland, Wisconsin. Shame on the residents of Town of Holland, Wisconsin. Keep reading to find out why.
I am sharing this post with all of you because I feel very strongly that everyone needs to see just how the restrictive and unbending anti-dogs laws really effect the individual. The unfriendly Town of Holland, Wisconsin is a place you don't want to live.

Here is a story of dogs, highly and careful trained, dogs who give back to the community far more than they will ever take, dogs who brighten the lives of many. This is the story of a town chasing away dogs trained to provide a community service. No, the dogs in question are not of the breeds the headlines love to tout as killers. The dogs in question are Labrador Retrievers. I ask you, all of you, just what sort of people live in a town that drives away dogs trained to bring a little sunlight to shut-ins, encourage a child to learn to read, entice an old man to take his medicine? Is this the sort of cold, uncaring town you would chose to live in? For me, I know it is a town I would go out of my way to avoid. Shame on you, Holland, Wisconsin, shame on you.


In the wake of the town board's decision not to issue a variance for the number of dogs I have, I've been preparing for each dog to go to his new home. What should the dog take with him to help settle in? What do the new owners need to know about their training and handling? What do these people need to know about the dogs' individual likes and dislikes? What their souls are like?

One of the dogs leaving is my Reno. Oh my God. Reno.

He needs his semi-deflated basket ball. A bumper of course. A cow femur bone preferably stuffed with peanut butter, but it's fine plain if that's all there is. He'd like a spot on the couch if one's available, but he'd never be rude or pushy about it.

He gives 5 with both paws individually and then "10" with both. After this, he leaps into the air, and then spins one circle and grabs his tail. He's a very mellow dog by nature, and this trick just cracks him up. It's his only one.

He barks three barks to let you know someone's arrived, and then quiets. Other than that, he never makes a noise. His obedience is terrific, on or off leash. His manners are terrific. He has the temperament of an angel. He passed his Canine Good Citizen / Therapy Dog International test as a walk in. He leaves and go lays down when you eat, although he's happy to help you out with the leftovers if invited. He looks sad when you give him a bath or trim his nails, but he always cooperates. Reno always cooperates.

He is wonderful with anyone he meets, human or animal. Any age, any temperament. He used to go to work with me at the assisted living facility. There was an old crotchety man who would only take his meds and come out for meals in exchange for being able to take Reno for a walk and throw a few bumpers for him. The only time I ever saw this man let his guard down or his expression soften was when he was with Reno. He'd been a hunter when he was younger. I guess the dog took him back to better days.

Reno loves to ride in the car. He makes the most wonderful face if you ask him about "The Bird." He likes to "tunnel" through your legs, and stop in position to get scratched above the base of his tail. His back feet march in place as he does this. He likes to be scratched behind the ears, too.
On the day he passed the final series of tests needed for the American Kennel Club to award him the title Companion Dog, he was mounted by another male dog who had gotten up during the exercise known as the three minute down. Not only did Reno not get up from his down, but he looked at me across the ring and wagged his tail as if to say, "See? I am a GOOD boy."
Yes, Reno. You're a VERY good boy.
God help me next Wednesday when he's taken out of here.

Eleanor Herrick
Holmen, Wisconsin

Eleanor, my heart cries for your pain and let's hope you are able to find a more friendly town to live in and soon since Town of Holland certainly isn't friendly to man nor beast.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Girl Scout Cookie Time

It's Girl Scout Cookie time and the awful Thin Mint version is still available. How's a person supposed to say "no" to them. I was strong and only agreed to buy a single box.

Sanity managed to get a whiff and then a taste. She agrees they are just too, too sinful.

Come on Sidney, please give me just one more. I won't tell on you...

Donning Sidney's vest Sanity tries to con the Big Boss into believing she is no longer a dog and should be given access to more and more Thin Mints. By positioning herself next to Caesar her hope was that the "clothes would make the person". Sadly, it was not to be. The Big Boss has been around too long to be fooled by such transparent ploys.

I do think we should all give her an "A+" for all her efforts. Don't you?