Thursday, December 18, 2008

Death of Obedience Trails as we know them

I have been working on a piece about the death of dog ownership, then that morphed into a piece about the death of my own special love, Obedience Trials. Of course no sooner did I start writing about the slow death of obedience trials than my mind jumped to the slow death of dog shows in general.

The following piece by Linda D. Witouski so very clearly says pretty near everything I have been trying to say. So I give it to you readers now and will save further comments for after you have read what Ms. Witouski has to say to you.

"Potentially Dangerous Animal Owners" - Linda D. Witouski - November, 2008

At a recent show, I couldn't help but notice the availability of space. Not only was the parking prime, but the space around the rings inside the building was incredible. There were dozens of empty chairs ringside - a commodity generally not so available. It was at that moment that I looked around the building and a queasy feeling crept over me. Not only was this building bare, but the people in attendance were mostly my age. That age where you hope you can begin your downward decent into living in peace and quiet after having been involved in this sport since the crib, and looking forward to those "twilight" years or a dirt nap, whichever.

I reached for the judging schedule to see how many Juniors were entered. Nine. Only nine. I realize that the economy could very well have a definite impact on our sport, however, there are other factions that have a hand in it.' It hit me like a brick ! When Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the United States said, (1993), "One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding," it dawned on me that he wasn't only referring to the animals - he was talking about US.


The animal rights movement pressed into school systems and devised an educational program for every animal venue. Farming, exhibits, zoos, wildlife, environment, veterinarians,companion animals - no stone was left unturned. It doesn't matter what we do,it's surely not in accordance with the animal rights activist groups. Looking around at the very few young people at dog shows,and the lack of newcomers of any age,it's become quite clear that the meaning of "one generation and out" wasn't only meant for the dogs.

The animal rights activist movement has taken over the media, veterinarian,public & private schools, animal control & training of those animal control officers as well as lobbyists and legislators. They've infiltrated every thread of what we hold dear. Working together,they have managed to convince everybody and anybody that they are "THE" experts and anything that we do is wrong and a disservice to animals.

Young people that we should have taken under our wings have turned to assisting the movement and most unfortunately, will never know the joy of our sport. They will never learn what animal husbandry truly is nor will they ever understand the pride of having bred, loved, cared for and promoted something that upholds the standards that reputable breeders honor. They'll never know that special bond that develops nor will they learn to distinguish between the joy of victory and the agony of defeat.

Worse, they may never learn that people are supposed to be able to make choices that best suit them - before it's too late. It's up to all of us to take back what has been stolen from us and to learn, quickly, to work together as one. If we don't take the time to reach out and touch someone now, our sport, our animals and our rights
are doomed. If we don't make every effort to bring new people into our fold, who will take over for you when you hang up your leads? Who will preserve and continue to improve your breed and your standards? What difference will all of the health research mean when the results are returned - too late - because you are no longer permitted to have animals or the ones you do have must be spayed & neutered?

How will all of that research help when breeding is no longer permitted or the monetary expense to breed far outweighs logic? Are you content to see it all fall by the wayside knowing the only animals the future will see will be in museums or books? The animal rights movement is taking away our future, and we, the majority of the showing populace,are dangerously & extremely close to being -
One generation and out.


A great majority of the showing populace has always had an attitude, particularly when a new person would approach them at a show inquiring about their breed or the dogs being shown. This anomaly existed way back when and it still exists today. Looking back, it's clear that this attitude that some still carry with them, is a great part of the problems today.

We actually shooed people away, thinking that our world would never come to an end and there would be plenty more opportunities to advance our 'lines.' The showing fancy wasn't thinking about the future and judging by some still existing attitudes, still aren't realizing the bleak future of our sport confronting us. We live in America and we can do what we want, can't we? Dog shows will always exist...won't they?

Worse yet, there are still those individuals that just cannot seem to get along with their own club members and those within their own breeds, insisting on making life difficult for others by continuing to add fuel to whatever fire some disgruntled person started for no apparent reason other than their own agenda. Some would suggest that those reasons include selfishness, jealousy and just plain hatred for anybody that might be doing better in the sport than others or those really dangerous persons that think that "they know it all" without having the experience of those before them whom they should be learning from.

All of these factors are nothing more than additions to the animal rights movement. If you are one of these, you might as well join forces with the opposition and stop hiding behind your animals. If you believe that your actions against others will keep you safe, be forewarned that you are not exempt from that knock on the door. Every person within your club or breed that you destroy, demean or otherwise terrorize, adds another nail to the coffin we are all facing.

What kind of message are you sending to younger people or any other persons that might have an interest in our sport when they discover that those who have been in the sport 'forever' seem to be hell bent on destroying each other and that they are incapable of working together or helping each other? How in the world can you educate or assist a NEW person interested in the sport or your breed when you can't seem to find the time to stop fighting amongst your peers and become that helpful educator?


I actually have grown fond of this ridiculous comment because it gives me the opportunity to explain what it actually means and why those who use this lame
excuse are definitely closer to being one generation and out than those who
understand the circumstances. Let me set the record straight using a few of the popular "reasons" I have been given over the years.

Everything that goes on in the animal world, especially legislatively, affects everybody. Cropping and docking. You don't crop or dock, either by choice (while still available) or because you don't have a breed that requires or prefers it. That doesn't mean that you should sit back ignoring that ban, law or ordinance and not assist those breeds that DO, for rest assured, along with that cropping/docking issue, another issue will follow that WILL affect you and your breed. By not assisting, you are allowing for your own loss of freedom of choice.

Mandatory spay/neuter laws. You don't live there so it doesn't affect you, but if you don't assist that area,it surely WILL affect you in short order for it will continue to spread like a California wildfire if everybody continues to believe that 'it doesn't affect me'. Maybe not today, but what will tomorrow bring to your neighborhood, state, city, town or county?

BSL, breed specific legislation. You don't have "one of those breeds". Are you sure? It wouldn't take more than an animal hating neighbor, mailperson, meter reader, delivery person or some unruly kid from up the street to report your five pound, barking, snarling, fence running 'potentially dangerous dog' even if the dog wasn't lucky enough to get a bite in ! The next thing you know, officials are at your house and you are subjected to defending yourself and trying to get your dog out of protective custody all at great expense. It IS important for everybody to work together for make no mistake, it will come to you just like it came to the other guy. You remember him - the one that kept saying that it didn't affect him? So, those of you that use the old 'it doesn't affect me' excuse, think about it before you say it or come up with something better.

Of all the emails I receive, the most common is "What can I do about it? It's just the way it is." This is not true and you are only deceiving yourself if you believe that. You, we, are the only ones that CAN do something about it. We are the ones that
are losing our integrity, pride and reputations and the irony is that it's being taken from us by those who don't have near the 'expertise' that we have.

What they do have is talent in "marketing, promoting and fund raising". It's up to all of us to become astute in these same areas, reverse the current trend and take back what is ours. Need a few common suggestions? Here, let me help you out ...

  • Advertise for new club members,
  • start a kennel club/breed club blog,
  • hold fun events for the public,
  • stop by that place that you are 'sure' is a puppy mill,
  • visit that commercial kennel - get to know them before you make any
    comments, offer tips and suggestions, help them, listen to
    them, befriend them, educate them and be educated in return -
  • go over to Farmer Bob's, step over those cow paddies and talk to him, ask
    him if he knows his right to farm or raise livestock is endangered,
  • go to schools and ask to speak to the children,
  • make arrangements to take dogs with you,
  • get media attention by working with children -
  • sponsoring adoption days (purebred or otherwise)
  • or turning your club classes into a class to teach responsible animal
    ownership and safety around dogs and invite parents as well as senior citizens,
    get them to help with fundraising,
  • stop by your town hall and ask for the meeting agenda,
  • check for any agenda subject animal related and attend the meeting,
  • talk to churches, hunters, any sportsmen,
  • call a special kennel club or breed club meeting of those members that are
    still active (before they hang up their leads or take that dirt nap) and discuss
    ideas, research your towns and participate in events offered,
  • check with girl scouts, boy scouts, invite them to your shows or public
  • attend council meetings, introduce yourself, (invite them to your events
    & shows,too), and
  • get involved with rescue work in your breed.
  • Pure breed rescue is one of the biggest problems that we have - every time
    one shows up in some shelter, every breeder is accused of putting it there - the
    fingers don't only point to the irresponsible breeders.

We are all affected and the time has now come to be effective rather than affected.


The AKC has many informative brochures, flyers and pamphlets that can be placed in assorted locations and they have educational programs that can be used in school systems. They can provide you with CD's, DVD's, classroom workbooks for teachers and a large assortment of other publications that can be used for just about any venue, including legislators. Take advantage of them.

Utilize the tools that are available to you, especially that one that sits on your shoulders... and get creative. We are losing everything that we've worked so hard to achieve. We're losing our 'expert' title, our rights, our freedom of choice, our animals - and it just keeps coming with no end in sight, except our demise. There are many other organizations, pet law lists, and breed legislation lists that are jam packed with good information that you can use. All you need to do is ... DO IT - before it's too late to do, and my friends, that time is quick approaching. The plane is circling the airport for a landing and we need more people standing on the runway....!


The dog fancy is generally not very laid back and those that I know will fight to the bitter end about any subject We've always had the spit 'n' fire to strike back. Where is that aggressiveness now? For those that have told me that they fear some sort of retaliation,know that the more visible you are, the less likely you are to be targeted. With that said, how many of you will step up and start working toward reversing the travesty befalling us? How many of you will make an effort to stop using derogatory terms or take the time to educate? How many will prove that they are part of the dedicated fancy and work together to make a difference?

And, last, but not least, I don't want to forget about those in the sport that I mentioned earlier who are still intent on being vicious towards their comrades. Those who can't seem to get past making their own breed and club members miserable and those who can't stop complaining about or accusing their peers of some heinous crime, hi volume breeders or commercial facilities. You have a "special gift" and it's time for you to put it to better use against those who would see you dog-less, or just let us all know when you fall off the fence into the AR pit so we can start working on a "potentially dangerous animal owner" law.

Linda D. Witouski
AKC Judge & Delegate
AKC SC Legislation
Legislation Chair, BOD & Delegate - Myrtle Beach Kennel
Club, Inc.
Legislation Chair - Minature Pinscher Club of America,
Legislation Chair - Yankee Miniature Pinscher Club, Inc.
SC Camo
Coalition Steering Committee
SC Assembly of Sportsmen's
Legislation Editor & Investigative Reporter - National Pet
Press/The Dog Press Co-Author - Monthly National Legislation Report -
Owner: SC Animal, Sportsmen & Wildlife
Voting Coalition

It's been almost 2 years since I last entered the obedience ring to earn a Companion Dog (CD) title on my newest Doberman. As I sat in the car, sitting up on a slight rise and waiting my turn to go in the ring I was struck by one thing that made me so sad I just wanted to cry. What was that thing?

Like Ms. Witouski, the thing that struck me most forcefully was the lack of YOUTH. The judges for the most part all appeared to be in their 70's or maybe even older. The exhibitors were in their late 50's and 60's. There were exactly two younger exhibitors and they were both students of mine. Gone are the "rat pack" younger kids who used to work the clean-up duty. Gone were the older kids competing for High Scoring Youngest Handler, or High Scoring Junior.

Gone are all the fun classes I so fondly remember. When was the last time you saw versatility being offered? When was the last time you saw Team being offered? Shoot, when was the last time you saw a Veterans class? When was the last time your local obedience club was even ALLOWED to hold a match or trial at the local park and the event was attended by lots of people who didn't even own a dog?

Know what I remember? I remember when obedience training matches were sponsored and put on by the Knights of Columbus, the Boys and Girls Club, a Girl Scout Club, the American Legion Post, Kiwanis and an entire host of other groups. Each sponsored a match during the spring, summer or fall months as a fund raiser for their organization. In looking back, it seems to me that one year we could choose to attend a match almost every single weekend or when we were ready head off to a trial. And then the very next year there were NONE. Not a single match be be found in any parks or hosted by any group.

I remember actually calling a few people I knew who had headed up committees to put these matches on. I asked them what happened? How come there was no match this year? Now mind you there had never been a single reported dog bite, dog scratch or even dog scuffle, much less fight and yet I was told that the insurance companies had decided the event was to dangerous to be allowed to continue. And that was sometime in the 1990's. Coming up on twenty years later and very few people even know what a trained dog looks like.

There are many things we can do about this. Are you willing to step up to the plate and make a difference?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Is there a hole in the bucket?

For those of you who requested I share some video footage of Sanity working on retrieving large, awkward items, here are there examples of her work. In the first one we are doing the first practice retrieve of the day. When we first started out working on this retrieve a couple of weeks ago the bucket still had a bail, but it got used and abused by some of the "help" around here and when I went to use it today I discovered the missing bail.

During earlier training sessions Sanity was making use of the bail to either turn the bucket over or to carry it. With the bail missing, she sort of had to start all over again.

This next clip was taken after she had done four retrieves, so this will be the last one in this set. Since all went well there was no need to do any more of this type. Notice that she pays no attention to the other dogs at all and if they get in the way will actually use the bucket to bang into them. They move pretty quickly.

I have always believed that it is the ability to do the more difficult tasks that gives the top dog in the yard all most, not all, but definitely most of their status. They all seem to understand that some work carries more credits than other work and the higher your status, the more credits you rack up, the easier it is to always have the best place, be the first in line.

Since she was able to successfully retrieve the bucket five times, this next clip shows her being tested and passing with flying colors. In this test the bucket was knocked off the side of the porch and it then rolled out into the yard a bit. She was not in a position to actually see the bucket when I sent her.

Because of the positioning, I chose to use a "place" command to sent her down the steps and away from me just enough that once she sat she would be in a position to be able to see the bucket. She was not sure exactly where I was signaling when I gave the command the first time and so I moved closer to the rail and signaled as I gave the command a second time. That time she looked where my arm was pointing, spotted the bucket and, well you can see the rest for yourself.

So while there was no hole in the bucket, it was missing the bail.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Naked Truth

I've been meaning to say something about this totally cool new calendar for several days now. If you have already gotten yours, good for you! If you have heard about it and just haven't gotten around to ordering your copy, DO IT NOW!
And now for those of you who don't have a clue as to what I am talking about, here's the scoop.

A group of well known AKC judges, handlers and breeders have come together and put out a wonderful, no make that delightful, or maybe the word is entertaining calendar for 2009. The name of this wonder is: The Naked Truth: Exposing HSUS and PETA. This wonder is being brought to us by California Responsible Pet Owner's Coalition and their goal is to raise money to fight the creep of the black death known as the animal rights/animal protection movement.

This group have taken to calling themselves "Gloves Off" and the wonderful, courageous models include:

Michele Billings
Dany Canino
John Connolly
Judy Donière
Michael Faulkner
Shirley Indelicato
Bernard McGivern, Jr.
Paula Nykiel
John Ramirez
Patti Strand
Donavon Thompson
Susan Vroom
Gary Allison
Kenneth Griffith
Loran Morgan
Doug Price
Bruce Schultz
And a few more…

The calendar has been dedictated to a truly great dog woman, Miss Dorothy Nickles, who’ll turn 99 in April. Happy Birthday Dorothy!

Taking a page from a British "naughty" calendar put out by the Labrador Club this calendar doesn't stop with some great, yet tastefully teasing in the buff shots. Every single page also has all sorts of information about the AR/AP movement and the goals they don't want you do know about.

Who knew I would ever be trying to sell naughty calendars, much less for someone else. This isn't just a worthy cause, it is one we all must support in every way we can. So with that thought in mind now would be a good time to get that order in. Don't be left out. Do it now.

Here's how: will take you to the place where you can make use of your Paypal account or if you don't have such an account then get out your checkbook and write them a check.

Make the check out to: CaRPOC (the cost is $20/each with $5 for shipping)

Mail it to:
California Responsible Pet Owners' Coalition
11301 W. Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Buy more than one and give them as Holiday gifts for special people on your gift list.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sometimes you just have to stop and play

For the past week I really have been a most uninteresting sort of owner. Sleeping just about round the clock, grumpy and whinny when awake. Now that is not a pretty combonation, is it? So this afternoon when Sanity started bugging me about the fact that she was bored, bored, bored I figured she deserved some time.

First we spent a bit working on the old fashioned doodles. Meaning I called out the commands in a very random order, come, back, stand, down, sit, down, stand, come, back, back, down, stand, etc. Then we both got tired of that at about the same time and so this is what we did next.

I confess, she never did manage to master the stand, flip, catch bit. All that means is we still have something to play with on another day.

No more meat?

Now I've gone and done it. Probably cook my goose by getting on some watch list or another, but I swear I just can't seem to be able to sit back and watch the march of the AR/AP and do nothing.

Read this first:

It just seemed like the last straw and so I did what they requested and this is what I wrote:

Secretary Schafer is quoted in the June 25 release by saying,
"I look forward to continuing USDA's work with both the Humane Society and the
cattle industry on addressing inhumane handling of animals, and I again thank
them for their efforts."

Hard as I try, I am simply unable to understand why the Secretary of Agriculture would actually want to do anything with the Humane Society of the US other than help lock up the leaders for the terrorists they are and the damage they have done, are doing and are planning on doing. HSUS had made its goal very clear.

"We have found that civil
disobedience and direct action has been powerful in generating massive attention
in our communities ... and has been very effective in traumatizing our targets."
JP Goodwin, Committee to Abolish the Fur Trade, National Animal Rights Convention '97, June 27, 1997, now employed by the Humane Society of the United States

"My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture." JP Goodwin,
employed at the Humane Society of the US, formerly at Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade, as quoted on AR-Views, an animal rights Internet discussion group in 1996.

“Whatever it takes to stop someone from abusing animals is certainly
morally acceptable.” Jerry Vlasak in answer to a question about animal
research, “Is murder on the table as an option.?” Utah KUTV, April
26, 2008.

and finally:

We have no ethical obligation to preserve
the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding ...One
generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals.
They are creations of human selective breeding. Wayne Pacelle, President,
HSUS, Animal People News (May 1, 1993) - Animal People News (May 1, 1993)

Please, help me understand what the goal of the Secretary of Agriculture is, if
it is different from the persons who represent HSUS.

So am I foolishly attempting to tilt with a windmill? Perhaps. Will you join me in this, cause I do know that if enough of us hop on that horse and ride it into town someone is bound to listen.

Friday, December 12, 2008

How we all should answer

I keep telling you about one dog owner after another, one small time hobby breeder after another and one old woman wanting to retire commercial breeder after another who are being robbed and then destroyed by those who claim to be on the side of the law.

Well, here is the story of yet another one. This time I have permission from the author of the letter to post the entire thing here for your education and enlightenment. Please read on...

Background for the email below:
Bob McDonnell
Attorney General
Commonwealth of Virginia
via e-mail

Dear Attorney General McDonnell:

I have received your letter of the 5th asking for a contribution to your campaign for governor. I'm a lifelong conservative and nearly always vote Republican so I would be a logical supporter of your campaign.

However, I'm also a lifelong dog lover and because my wife and I breed whippets as a hobby, I've been studying pet animal laws both in Virginia and across the country for several years now. That hasn't been fun and it hasn't given me a very good impression of animal law enforcement across our country. However up until the last couple of years, we've had few problems in Virginia.

The Dave Winesett case was rotten from the start. Here's the relevant
§ 3.2-6569. (Effective October 1, 2008) Seizure and impoundment of
animals; notice and hearing; disposition of animal; disposition of
proceeds upon sale.

A. Any humane investigator, law-enforcement officer or animal control
officer may lawfully seize and impound any animal that has been
abandoned, has been cruelly treated, or is suffering from an apparent
violation of this chapter that has rendered the animal in such a
condition as to constitute a direct and immediate threat to its life,
safety or health.

Seizure is to be used only in cases where no lesser measure will protect the animal(s). Abandoned animals, a violently abusive owner, animals that are so sick or badly injured that urgent veterinary care is needed and the owner cannot be depended on to provide it, and so on. For cases that are simply non-adequate care, citations (with follow up if necessary to assure timely correction) are safer for the animals, far cheaper, and respectful of owner civil rights. When the violations warrant, a court can subsequently order forfeiture of animals and payment of costs, along with other penalties.

Indeed, Mr. Winesett had been visited by an animal control officer on November 7th. Local officials deny that their officer sought further action.

What do we hear of the Winesett animals? Some grooming problems (matting, nails needed trimming), some animals said to have foot problems, one elderly toy dog with the bad teeth typical in this situation. We're told that conditions were 'deplorable' but of course that's a subjective term and not justification for seizure.

Most animals were expected to be ready for adoption almost immediately after the hearing of December 2. Few to none of them could have had issues requiring seizure on November 13th.

Conservatives believe government should leave citizens alone; we REALLY don't like 'under color of law' support of a private agenda such as that of the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS), represented in this case by the Virginia Animal Fighting (or Animal Cruelty) Task Force (VAFTF). These are hard-core animal rights organizations whose purpose is making money and gaining power by attacking animal ownership and breeding.

As I expect you know, HSUS itself focuses on enacting anti-animal ownership laws. They routinely use proxies like the VAFTF to promote abusive enforcement actions. We conservatives can do better supporting an average Democrat than with a Republican who hangs out with this crowd.

The seizure was carried out by seven state police sergeants and a captain. The state veterinarian's office was represented. At least three state vehicles would have been needed. At least two representatives of your office were present at the hearing of December 2nd, case preparation would have required some tens of hours, and of course operating a courtroom isn't free. The bill for all that would be somewhere in the $200,000 range, wouldn't you say?

Now we learn that you're appealing the dismissal of the seizure hearing. That'll add what -- another $25,000-$50,000 or so to the cost? Of course those 'Angels' folks are running up a tab caring for the animals: The state may well end up paying that, too.

Conservatives don't like it when government flushes our tax money down the toilet. But that's probably not how you see it: Because the case itself is so weak, getting a seizure hearing is critical to your strategy for winning.

Gosh I hope this stuff makes your skin crawl just a little bit. AGs always talk 'tough on crime' but the people on whom these animal cases are dropped are almost never what you'd call criminals.

The way I read the tea leaves, this case couldn't have developed as it has unless one or both of you and Governor Kaine were trying to make points with HSUS by being 'tough on animal cruelty.' The photo-op with Robin Starr hangs a tag on your jacket.

This sort of behavior is more like 'disgusting' than 'conservative.'

Walt Hutchens

Each and every one of us needs to set fingers to keyboard and write letters of this sort to our elected officials and let them know exactly how we feel about what amounts to illegal search and seizure by pseudo law enforcement types who have managed to gain real law enforcement backup. Do continue to sit back and let them strip all our freedoms away.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tis the Season of Giving

Traditionally this is the major season of giving. Giving to those you care about, your family, your friends, people you work with and some charity. Money is tighter than we have seen for many, many years and that means we must be very, very careful about where our charity dollars end up.

If you want to give a donation to help some dogs in need, then give to your LOCAL Animal Rescue group or Shelter. Whatever you do, do not give to H$U$ or PETA unless your goal is in keeping the the ideals of eliminating all domestic animals, the bulk of the human population or domestic terrorism. Harsh words about a soft topic? You bet, and will good reason. See below for something I didn't write, but that I truly believe every dog, cat, or other animal owner needs to read, think about and then pass on to at least 50 other people. Now that would truly be in the best spirit of giving.

Full page ad in the NY Times today, page A39. Contents as follows.

Why is the Humane Society of the United States Helping a Terrorist Group Raise Money?

On Saturday, a Humane Society of the United Stats vice president will deliver a keynote speech at a fundraiser for an animal-rights terrorist group.The Humane Society of the United States claims to oppose violence in the name of animal rights. But on Saturday it's helping raise money for the Humane League of Philadelphia, an organization allied with a vicious, violent gang of convicted animal rights terrorists.

The Humane League of Philadelphia was founded as "SHAC Philly," a chapter of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC). The FBI calls SHAC a "terrorist" group. It's tactics have included death threats, violent assaults, blackmail, and arson. In 2006, SHAC was convicted on federal terrorism charges. It's national leaders remain in federal prison. Also in 2006, the Humane League of Philadelphia's president was convicted of Making Terrorist Threats against an employee of a drug company.

According to media reports, he threatened to kill her children. Judges have issued three different restraining orders against the Humane League of Philadelphia and its president, in order to protect biomedical research companies and their business associates from violence, vandalism, stalking, and identity theft. The Humane League of Philadelphia is required by law to post these restraining orders on it's own Internet home page. (Following is a diagram with boxes and arrows, showing the evolution of the Humane League of Philadelphia.)

2001 Violent American animal-rights radicals start "SHAC USA," basing their operations in Philadelphia.

July 2002 Philadelphia SHAC activists establish a local chapter called"SHACE Philly."

Nov. 2002 SHAC Philly changes its name to "Hugs For Puppies."

Mar. 2006 SHAC USA and six of its national leaders are convicted on federal terrorism charges.

Nov. 2006 The president of Hugs For Puppies is convicted of Making Terrorist Threats against the children of a pharmaceutical company employee.

May 2008 Hugs For Puppies changes its name to "The Humane League of Philadelphia."

Nov. 2008 The Humane League of Philadelphia announces that a Humane Society of the United States vice president will keynote its Dec. 13 holiday fundraising gala. The Humane Society of the United States claims to be a mainstream, peaceful advocate for animals. Why is it helping a terrorist group raise money? There's a lot you don't know about the Humane Society of the United States.Learn more at

Please give to a local animal welfare group you know and trust. Remember, "friends don't let friends give to HSUS or PETA" or groups that are affiliated with them.